A common misconception is that intranet systems are only for large organisations. In reality, even the smallest companies suffer from communication issues that can affect their operational efficiency. With contemporary cloud-based intranet solutions, small organisations can flourish, as these systems have the power to save businesses time and money. And, since these systems are entirely scalable, your solutions can grow with your company. If you’re still not convinced we’ve put together our top three reasons why a company intranet portal is a good idea:

Solve your communication problems

With an internal intranet system, all your communications are kept in one place, meaning you can easily keep track of a campaigns progress. You can say goodbye to sending documents back and forth via email and struggling to keep track of the most up-to-date version, as intranets allow you to store important business documents in one convenient location. These documents can be accessed and edited at any time, by anyone, from anywhere, meaning that even remote workers can stay informed about project happenings.

Revolutionise your internal processes

In the early days, small businesses can find themselves overwhelmed with tasks and those mundane HR dilemmas are usually the least of your concerns. When you choose an integrated intranet system things like absence management and tracking holiday allowance becomes a seamless experience, with minimal hassle, as everyone is able to access a single calendar that organises these events. As your company grows, you won’t need to spend precious time reviewing policy documents with employees, as new-starters will have easy-access to everything they need to know about company protocol, processes and internal news updates.

Boost productivity and collaboration

By limiting your dependence on local storage and granting everyone access to important business documentation, collaborative working becomes much easier. As projects and ideas can be discussed in one location and tasks can be delegated evenly, everyone in the team should have a comprehensive understanding of what their role is. With a consistent data stream and a cohesive workflow your employees will become more productive, which, in turn, should lead to an improvement in your customer service standards.