The online casino industry is known collectively as the field of iGaming. In recent years, it has expanded from a niche pursuit to one enjoyed across the globe. Yet there have been some key events imperative to this growth. Below, we provide the three milestones in the evolution of iGaming. 

The Invention of the Smartphone and 5G

You can play all iGaming provisions on a tablet or laptop. Yet it is the rise of the smartphone that has truly given the industry its power. As mobile devices have increased in their capabilities, so have the programs that can be used on them. This means that phones are now more akin to small personal computers. While the smartphone has provided the means, it has been 5G that has been the enabler. The fifth generation of cellular networks has been a huge boost, allowing wireless connectivity so that games flow as if they had been downloaded to a local drive. 

All of this has allowed the iGaming industry one thing its physical counterparts will never have: convenience. Going to a casino is a big event, that may involve travel and get dressed up. For some people in remote areas, it may not even be a possibility. Yet with mobile devices, slots and games can be played at home or even on the move. With the first call made on a cellphone recently hitting its 50th anniversary, it sparked a revolution in the casino that is still growing to this day. 

The First Online Casino Suite

The Internet was available for public and commercial use in 1993, and it was only a few months later in 1994 that Antigua and Barbuda passed legislation that would bring the online casino industry into being. However, at this early stage, it was hard to see how games would work or run. That was until the developers of Microgaming released the first virtual casino suite.

This was a basic package and allowed people to play blackjack, poker, and roulette. Of course, this developed over time, and with the release of the smartphone, the game changed even further. Options are now available online from games played all over the world, with different rules, variations, and side bets. Yet none of it would have been possible without that first initial foray. 

Development of Secure Payment Methods

The first payment gateway was created in the Netherlands and was known as Adyen. Without it and others like it, the interest in online casinos would never be what it is today. When you strip away the ability to win money, casino games lose a lot of their appeal, despite being just another form of entertainment. 

The first mobile casino apps did not allow people to play for money. This changed with the invention of the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP). Using this, people could pay providers for services through push messages or SMS. However, it was still not ideal as it was slow and expensive. 

2007 and 2008 saw a huge push in this field with the release of the Apple Store and Android, as the developers could now sell products directly. All of this has improved, allowing quick and safe payment with casinos. 

There will certainly be many more and where we go next remains to be seen. As a customer, all that can mean is increased service and improvements to this form of entertainment.