When you work for a company, you are an employee. That company gives you certain perks, which may include health insurance and paid time off. When you work for another person though, you work the schedule that they dictate and don’t have the chance to see your business grow. As an independent contractor, you receive help from a parent company but get the chance to make important decisions that benefit both you and your company. Find out more about some of the other benefits of working as an independent contractor for a major company.


Backing from the Company

Some companies give individuals the chance to buy into the company and operate a business associated with that company. ACN, which provides a number of television and telecommunications services in the United States, is one example of a company that allows independent workers to establish and run their own companies under that same name. You get all the training that you need to make your business a success, and you can turn to the company when you have questions or need help advertising, helping customers and with other things.

Set Your Own Hours

Would you love having the chance to determine when you work and when you don’t work? As an independent contractor, you set your own hours each week. You might decide to work long hours three days a week and take a few days off, or you might work a few number of hours every day. Setting your own hours lets you take time off when you head off on a vacation with your family or when you just need a day for yourself. Once you hire a few employees, you might find that you can take even more time off.

Make Tax Deductions

One of the biggest benefits of becoming an independent contractor is that you can make deductions on your taxes as a business owner. If you operate your business from home, you can deduct a portion of what you pay for electricity, water and even cable as part of your home office expenses.  A simple online tax calculator and estimator is all you need to quantify your deductions.You’ll also have the ability to make deductions for the amount of time you use your car for work, the supplies you purchase to run your business and anything else you buy for your company. Becoming an independent contractor lets you make deductions on your taxes, set your own hours and get help from a leading company.