As new technology was introduced in the market, developers hopped on board and blessed the world with a variety of tools that solve the same problem. 

One such tool that was introduced in the market was a payroll software. This tool was launched to help make the lives of stakeholders and HRs easy in regards to the salaries, work hours, and such. 

Now, in today’s time, there are numerous tools that are available for the users to choose from. 

While it feels great to have such a wide variety, it can also get a little overwhelming for some to choose the one that fits well with their organization. 

It is important to search and find the one for you if you wish for that tool to work well for your organization. To do this, make sure you already have a list of features identified and analyzed before you step into the market. 

Also, it is always a great idea to set your budget beforehand. After all, money is the major deciding factor. There are plenty of payroll software pricing models for you to choose from. You will only be able to do this when you know the amount of resources you have at your disposal. 

Once you have both ready, you can choose the tool accordingly. Some of the top models and their features are mentioned below. Take a look.


Gusto, an all-in-one platform is a payroll software that helps organizations make their workplace truly incredible. It also helps them grow their business easily. 

This is a cloud-based tool that has been specifically designed to service HRs and helps them with various payroll and benefits services. The automation services that this tool has to offer makes it an incredible choice for consumers. 


  • Manages benefits easily. 
  • Tracks employee attendance. 
  • Takes care of employee onboarding. 
  • Allows you to customize as per your need. 
  • Makes collaboration among HR and employees easy. 

APS Payroll

Designed with the aim of making workforce management easy, this tool has plenty of features which makes it a go-to for several HRs out there. 

Apart from automating payroll, this tool also tracks the attendance of employees, lets the HRs know if the employees have been taking extra offs or if they have sick leaves left, etc. It also manages benefits and onboarding. 


  • An all-in-one employee portal that offers self-service. 
  • Offers data visualisation. 
  • Makes integration with other tools easy. 
  • There is an activity dashboard to help you read employee behaviour. 
  • Calculates overtime. 

Corporate Payroll Services

Launched in 1991, Corporate Payroll Services is a perfect tool for small and medium sized businesses. This tool is mainly focused on processing payrolls as well filing and reporting taxes for its clients. 

The vendor offers one-to-one service to users where the payroll experts help every way they can to ensure that your business is growing and reaching heights. The main goal of this tool is to save time and money of the users by providing quick and accurate payroll services. 


  • Remarkable customer experience. 
  • Helps organizations with budgeting. 
  • Tracks employee timings accurately. 
  • Makes employee onboarding easy. 
  • It is a self-service portal, thus reduces reliability. 


Dayforce is a modern tool built for modern times. This tool was designed to meet the needs of human capital management of every organization, irrespective of the size or industry. 

This is a cloud-based app that allows organizations to extract real-time data of everything that revolves around human capital management. Apart from payroll management, organizations can also use this tool to hire the right talent, maintain HR documents and records, help staff maintain work-life balance, and more. 


  • It easily manages permissions, thus eliminating the need of sending emails. 
  • Makes it easy to import and export data. 
  • Has large storage space to store large data. 
  • Offers real-time data. 
  • Tracks sick leaves and vacation leaves. 


EPAY HCM is a human capital management tool that has been built for all the mid to large sized organizations. This tool is perfect for those organizations that have employees working in varied time periods or for organizations that are distributed hourly. 

This is a tool that helps HRs with every human-capital related step, from hiring to retiring. 


  • Offers customizable templates. 
  • Makes it easy to filter data. 
  • Allows users to get real-time reporting.
  • Best for HR management. 
  • Allows easy scheduling of interviews. 


There are several tools out there with their own amazing features. It is thus best to identify the needs of the organization and find the tool that offers all the features you truly require.