Drones and quadcopters have become very trendy gadgets in recent years. With the advancement in technologies, they are getting better and more accurate over time. The speeds and other functions are also improving with the help of better technology. 

If you are interested in these fascinating quadcopter drones, this article will help you learn how to fly a quadcopter drone. Here are the five things that you should know before flying a drone. 

Register Your Drone with the FAA

After buying a new drone, the first step includes registering with the Federal Aviation Administration(FAA) for an FAA identification number as it is unique to every drone owner. 

If your quadcopter drone weighs more than 250 grams, then it is mandatory to register with the FAA. The Federal Aviation Administration charges a nominal fee of $5 for three years. It is valid for all the drones that you own. 

You can take a printout of the FAA identification number on a label and paste it on all your drones. You will need to make sure that you paste the label on the exterior of the drone. If you paste the label inside the drone, it will be considered as an illegal practice.

Never Fly In the Restricted Zone

You need to take care of the rules and regulations for private drones by the Federal Aviation Administration. You will need to make sure that you never fly your drone in an area restricted by the FAA. 

All the National Parks in the United States have also restricted drones in their area. You always need to follow the rules mentioned below while flying your quadcopter.

  • Don’t fly above 400 feet
  • Don’t fly over stadiums
  • Don’t fly in someone’s private space
  • Don’t fly over a group of people
  • Don’t fly near airports

Once you know about the registration process for your drone, then you are ready to learn how to fly a quadcopter drone on your own. 

Master the Controls

You can use the roll control to maneuver the quadcopter in the left or right direction. You may do this by pushing the right stick in the right or left directions.

The pitch control helps you maneuver your quadcopter forward or backward. You can use this control by pushing the right stick backward or forward.

You can use the throttle to control the altitude of your quadcopter drone. You can push the left stick to the back to decrease the altitude and push it forward to increase the quadcopter’s altitude.

The yaw control helps you change the direction of your direction while flying. You can point the nose of the drone in your preferred way to change the direction. The control works by pushing the left stick in the left and right directions.

Connect the Transmitter to Your Drone

After understanding the controls, you need to find an open field to practice flying your drone. Once you reach the ground, you can start with this crucial step of connecting your drone with your transmitter. 

First of all, pull the throttle of your drone downwards and then switch on the transmitter. After following these two steps, you can connect the drone’s battery. Remember to follow the same steps in reverse when you complete your practice session.

Take Off, Landing, and Balancing Practice

You can start your practice with take-off and landing practice. You can slowly push the throttle upward without using any other stick to change the direction or position of the drone. When the drone lifts above the ground, then you can slowly push the throttle downwards. You can repeat this process multiple times. 

Once you’re confident with the take-off and landing process, you can try to balance your quadcopter drone in the air. You can learn how to balance your drone at a specific point to get better at balancing skills.

Learn Basic Maneuvering

After learning how to take off, balance, and land your drone, you can start practicing the basic maneuvering. It might include simply rotating your drone at a fixed height. Do not fly your drone very high when you start and make sure to keep it closer to you. 

You can try maneuvering the quadcopter drone in the left and right directions. You can also use the Yaw control to change the direction of your drone while flying. 

Complete Some Challenges for Beginners

After completing the maneuvering practice, you can try to do some challenges to get better at flying. You can search for some of the challenges for beginners and try to complete them multiple times to master those techniques. This will help you slowly master the skills for flying a quadcopter drone.