Buying a car is still a dream for many people, and in this current scenario where these automobile companies brought a revolution to modern car history. Considering to buy a used car isn’t a thought which you would regret, considering many automobiles like the 2021 Hyundai Palisade manufactured are designed to last for decades. Although, this can even be a terrifying experience for both the buyers as well as the sellers. This is when we come into the picture, where just by following some points and creating a checklist, you can create this terrifying experience into a hassle-free transaction.

So before having the thought of buying a used car the first thing which you should ensure is, which type of car are you particularly interested in buying. It’s quite possible that you visit the dealership, and have a glimpse of a great sports car, and the inner child in you is attracted towards it. The thing which you should keep in mind is that a sports car won’t meet your day-to-day needs if you are a family of five and you want a proper SUV or a Sedan like the 2021 Hyundai Palisade. Even if you compare both the cars in the long run, the total ownership cost for that of the sports car would be much higher as compared to the mid-size SUV. That will eventually make you regret your decision to buying, the used car and will make you sell out much more dollars as compared to the other scenario.

Let’s get to the points about what should we keep in mind before getting a used car:

1) Checking the overall condition of the car thoroughly

Despite the thought of buying a second-hand car, the automobile which you choose should be in proper working conditions no matter what. You can take the car for a trash drive and thus check all the major component systems like engine cooling suspension brakes tires very well by a trusted professional auto mechanic. These checks will help you formulate the decision whether the car is well maintained as claimed by the user and how much you would need to shell in repairing after the purchase. 

You can even read too many reviews and overall statistics provided for a particular model online earn money free websites. CarIndigo and CarHP being the ones that can provide you with detailed information for a particular model like interior, reliability, safety performance, and many more. you can have a look at those stats and decide easily whether the model one concern is suitable for you and can you manage its after-sales total ownership cost.

2) Registering the documents in your name properly

First of all, check properly whether the guy claiming to be the owner of the car is actually the provided owner. If so, he is the first owner or the second owner is the car sold before to anyone, check whether the owner has paid all the dues loans for the road tax for the provided car before. If things go well, make sure that the owner is providing you with the papers that need to be verified, like the NOC from the bank if any loan has been taken, the original invoice, and the road tax receipt.

3) Reading car insurance policies properly

 Every owned car has a pre-history to make it count, the model for the particular car which you are looking at might have undergone some serious accident with internal damages. Car insurance policies play a vital role in deciding the overall value as well as both of a car, especially when it comes to second-hand or used cars.

  • Check the car’s total insured value in the policy properly.
  • Ask for the NCB (No Claim Bonus) for the provided car for its last two to three years. The current warranty policy won’t matter much as if the user had many claims before, that might result in some internal damages which you would need to get repaired after your purchase.
  • There are many Automobile Companies that provide some great warranty figures, getting cars from Hyundai like the Hyundai Palisade, which provides a 10-year warranty for its powertrain and a 6-year long term warranty for overall coverage. The company provides 24 by 7 full-time road assistance in its first six years or 60000 miles, whichever comes before.
  • Make sure that you get the warranty papers transferred to your name, or get a new warranty for or insurance policy within the first 14 days of your purchase, as this might save you from any mishappenings occurring after.

The documents required for doing such are: 

  1. Evidence of deal of the car
  2. Proof of delivery of the car to your possession
  3. New RC book issued in your name
  4. Request from the seller for cancellation policy
  5. Your application for transfer of the policy

4) Can you make any possible modifications to the existing car?

You must look for any possible modifications for the provided model look if you can convert the existing automobile into a dual fuel model. Can you up in any upgrades for better safety, comfort, or driving enhancements. The older models for any automobile may cost you a bit less and would be cheap, but you won’t be able to customize or modify them according to your own. So, in short, look for the newer models so that there would be fewer chances of damage, and you can even do many enhancements according to yourself for the same. 

5) Written Agreement

Don’t fool yourself by finalizing your purchase based on a handshake oral agreement, spent some dollars more, and create a legit legal document. The document must contain all the crucial information like the present condition of the car, the sales price, and the effective date at which the transfer between both the owners would be applicable, along with registration and insurance details. 

Irrespective of the current possession, the actual on the ship is reflected by the paperwork of the automobile. Make sure that you get all the important paperwork done as soon as you get possession of the car, trust us this might help you under many and wanted circumstances afterward.


Coming to the bottom line, it can easily be said that you won’t regret your decision of buying a used car until you follow the points mentioned above. After all, a used car can be a great alternative at a cheap price which can provide you with proper assistance for your day-to-day needs as well as your vacation trips. Have some patience, look for the right model, inspect the particular model properly, have a deep glimpse over the paperwork and insurance policies and, we can ensure the car won’t be a pain for you ever. 

You should very well understand the range of cost in which you are thinking of buying the car, as this will cut out all of your burdens. Moreover, look over the practicality of the car and search for the things which you need more in your regular aspect. Look out what type of hair you are looking for, even though this depends if you already have a car before, which will give you more exposure to try new things.