Worlds of Warcraft is one of the most amazing and versatile games that are out there. This action packed and popular MMO is standing strong after 15 years of its release. When it comes to different aspects of online gaming, Worlds of Warcraft offers you ultimate gaming experience with tons of fun characters, WOW classic gold, different realms, and much more. 

As you start with your Worlds of Warcraft there are lots of things that you should be keeping in your mind. In this article, we are going to take a look at the most useful strategies that you should be following when it comes to Worlds of Warcraft along with some really great tips that will help you improve your gameplay as well. 

  • Saving Up Your Gold 

As you start with your game, you will find it really tempting to go around and buy every item and ability in the game that is there. For that, you end up buying  WOW classic gold as well. Considering this, it is really important that you save up the gold that you earn in the game as you level up. For instance, as you reach level 40, it is recommended that you buy a Mount but the 100 Gold you need for that is not there for most of the players.
That is why you should play smart at the beginning of the game by only buying items or abilities that are useful for your characters. Moreover, you should also loot every enemy that you kill in order to accumulate as much gold as you can. 

  • Choosing Your Realm 

One of the first choices that you get as you start with the game is of choosing the realm. This is where you can customize your game according to your needs. You get the option of choosing between different modes ranging from PVP, RP, and RP PvP according to your gaming preferences. All these different realms offer you different gaming experiences.

  • Customizing Your Character 

There are several factors when it comes to choosing your in-game character when you start your Worlds of Warcraft journey. Choosing your character is a really big decision as you will be spending a lot of time with your character in the game. 

In the beginning, characters like Dwarves might look appealing to you because of their abilities such as increased stat of their armor that makes them immune to poisons and diseases for a few seconds as you play the game. Although, most of the players that start with Worlds of Warcraft end up ignoring all these factors as they choose fancy looking characters.

While choosing your character, it is really important that you get a really good look at the class of your character. This way you will be able to choose the character that is perfect for you and is going to suit your gaming style as you make progress in the game. 

  • Pay Attention To Different Quests

Just like most of the RPGs out there, it is really important that you complete the different quests that you get in this game. As you start with any of the quests in the game, you should read the objectives of the quest that you started with. This will give you a fair amount of idea about all the specifications of the quest that you are trying to finish. Moreover, connection with fellow players will be really beneficial as well. 

  • Sense Of Community 

One of the reasons why the Worlds of Warcraft is loved by players around the globe is its increased sense of community. You can interact with other players as you play this game and learn new tips and tricks from them.
Moreover, in classic mode, you are required to form parties in order to finish certain quests. The classic experience will make this game more interesting and engaging for you. As soon as you start with the game, join a guild and interact with the other players that are there in your guild so that you can perform tasks that need you to team up with other players. 

Besides these vital tips, here are some really useful and effective strategies that are followed by veterans of this game that are going to help you in improving your gameplay. 

  • In the initial stage of the game, you should try to explore the different locations in the game as much as possible. This is going to significantly improve your game sense as you will be able to learn more about the dynamics of this interesting game. Moreover, even if you die, there will be minimal penalties. 
  • Choosing the right gear in the game will improve the stats of your character. There are basically three types of gears that you will find in this game. Purple gear is the best gear while blue and green items are normal and worst respectively. While playing the game, you should always look for purple items if you are not sure or have any doubts in your mind. 
  • As you make progress in the game, you will find that there are certain important things that you should learn about as soon as possible. One of them is that you should never enchant or spend cash on items that you will exchange over time in the game. There is no need for you to upgrade your blue or green items as there are no benefits to that. 
  • If you are not that good with your reflexes, you can also consider using ad-on as that will make it really easy for you to clear different levels of the game. With these ad-ons, you can customize the game according to your taste and complete all the difficult quests that are there in this game more easily. 
  • Lastly, you should take your time with the game. As you make progress with the game, you will eventually learn more stuff about the game that is going to help you in improving your gameplay. You will witness a really big virtual world that will give you tons of adventures and quests that you can follow with your friends as you enjoy this game. 


Worlds of Warcraft is one of the most detailed, intense, and engaging games that are out there in the gaming industry. As a hardcore fan of Worlds of Warcraft, I see no flaw in this amazing game as I thoroughly enjoy my weekends playing this game with my online friends.