You think you have the online world all figured out? You might be inclined to feel that way since you spend your 9 to 5s in front of a computer, you have all the useful apps installed and handy on your smartphone, your TV can connect to the internet…  You book your hotel online, you buy your concert tickets via the internet, you even have grocery shopping list delivered to your doorstep by means of a few clicks.

Well, you might be in for a surprise! Read on … do you still think you know everything about the internet, its intricacies and its smart solutions?

things do online

Find Out How Much Time You Have Left

Some prefer not to think or talk about these things, but we are all humans, and, as such, we will all die one day. Do you want to know when? Maybe not, but for those who do, will satisfy your curiosity. Just fill in the form with some basic data such as your birthdate, sex, height, and weight. The answer will come in seconds! Have you pushed the button already? Enjoy the countdown then!

Find Out All about a Seat in Any Flight on Any Airline

You usually check the airplane’s seat map when making your check-in online on the airline’s website, but you don’t know anything about it, except your own educated guesses. With SeatGuru, you can find the perfect seat and benefit from other people’s experiences. Just enter your airline and flight number, you will find out all about legroom, level of comfort, armrests and other bits of useful information.

Buy Lottery Tickets Online

Yes, we all know about the online casinos, bingo sites, sports betting, and so on. But, can you buy lottery tickets? Yes! The internet has found a solution for this as well. There are sites who offer betting on numbers opportunities, but there are also those who will buy the actual ticket for you, keep it in a safe, and hand it to you in case it’s a winner. You heard about the mouth-watering Powerball jackpot on TV, right? Now you play Powerball online, from wherever you are and stand your chance in the game.

Go Back in Time

If there is a site to tell you when you are going to die, there are sites telling you all about the past. That’s for sure. But, we are not talking about history sites here. Nor about an actual trip back in time. However, there are ways to see what the internet looked like at its beginnings. What was Yahoo’s look back in the 90s? WayBackMachine is the place to check all this.

Image Source: Pixabay