There are situations when you’re somewhat compelled to use a cell phone spy app. You may be a parent or a responsible employer, who wants to know what your children or employers are doing with the cell phones you have provided. The last thing you want is your children going into troubles like Blue Whale Game or your employee leaking data to competitors. In both these cases, the breach of their privacy is often reasoned by the greater good in the long run.

Nevertheless, there are many software/services that claim cell phone spying. As you would guess, not many of them don’t even work well. So, before you jump in and pay the price, there should be some serious home-work. In this article, we have covered the things you should look for while selecting a cell phone spy app. We created the list with the help of experienced users and our own insights. Just follow this and get one of the smoothest cell phone spying experience.

#1 Reliability

Reliability is perhaps the most important thing to consider while purchasing a cell phone spy app. It, in fact, can be classified into two sections — how much you can trust the provider and how effective the spy app is when it comes to hiding itself. First of all, you must be sure that the spying service provider will respect your need of privacy and that of collected data. Everyone in cyber-security world is concerned about data-leaks; so should you. Second, the spying program should never let you down while maintaining its silence.

mSpy is a perfect example here, you know. It’s one of the most popular cell phone spying software that has been made for versatile purposes. It doesn’t matter whether your children have a Galaxy S8 or an iPhone, mSpy would enable real-time spying without any trouble. The last time we checked, not less than a few thousand people were relying on mSpy for spying purposes. They all managed to spy on their children & employees without giving them the slightest sign. That’s what we talk about when we say reliability.

#2 Compatibility

You may come across a Nokia 6 and OnePlus 5 during your need to spy.  So, compatibility is a hardpart when it comes to cell phone spying apps. There are a few sub-sections you’d need to check out. First of all, check whether the proposed program is available for your phone’s platform — Android, iOS, BlackBerry or even Windows Phone. While most programs offer support for Android & iOS, Windows Phone and Symbian are left out. You should also confirm whether the targeted device model and brand have full support.

#3 Jailbreaking and Rooting

Then comes the aspects of Jailbreaking and rooting. As you may know, both these tasks are done for having complete device control, in iOS and Android respectively. Depending on the features you need, you may be required to jailbreak the targeted devices and then have direct access to the phone. Either, you can make a few compromises in terms of features. Or, take some risk and set up a fully-fledged cell phone surveillance system.

#4 Process of Set-Up

The last thing you need is a cell phone spy app that takes days to be set up and start functioning. The proper idea of spying is not to let the targeted person — otherwise, the task would defeat its purpose. So, the spying app should take the least amount of time for setting up. It’s great if you can go for a spying service provider that allows installation without even touching the phone. For instance, mSpy iOS version lets you start spying on the device with the help of iCloud Credentials and nothing else.

#5 Dashboard and User Interface

Cell phone spying is also about presenting collected data in an accessible manner, right? Keeping this in your mind, the cell phone spy app should have a simple User Interface. To say the least, all your data must be in an easy-to-access form. While a smartphone app is a blessing, a well-designed web-app is enough. It’s also a matter of concern how quickly your spying service syncs data between targeted devices and web servers. There’s no point if you come to know the unlawful/dangerous activities after everything’s happened, right?

The Bottom Line

Well, keep the above mentioned aspects when you want to choose the best cell phone spy app — to spy on your children, employee or someone who you have the legal right to. It’s highly recommended to go for one popular and trusted spying service, because taking risk is a bit tough here. If your spying process is exposed, there won’t be nothing much to do, you know. It’s a whole loss of trust and privacy-consciousness.