Investing in a second home or a rental property can provide better returns, but comes at high risk.

 Investing in a property that provides an opportunity for rental revenue can be exciting, and looking at an investment property that provides holiday revenue can be good to start. Benefiting from fantastic tax breaks and having your home paid off by someone else’s money, you’ve earned by investing in the house sounds excellent.

However, it is essential to choose a high-quality holiday rental before transforming it into a profit; you must be certain that your property is situated in a perfect place before purchasing it.


When it comes to big cities like San Diego and Miami, investors were correct in believing that property price appreciation is closely linked to a steady stream of new immigrants and investments, so in San Diego and Miami property values are rising along with the constant influx of immigrants and investments. Their ROI isn’t without a significant warning. However, the concern is that they are unavailable.

Although occupancy costs and demand for city properties have risen, it is harder to find rental returns in primary markets as demand has grown. When investors begin to believe earnings growth exists elsewhere, it’s time for them to explore new cities or locations that are just as competitive.

As reported by the National Association of Realtors, sales of investment homes rose 4.5% from 2012 to 2015, a growth rate that has grown for the past seven years. But Lawrence Yun, the chief economist at the National Association of Realtors, claims that while distressed assets have decreased from 42 to 40 percent of all home sales in the last four years, there has been a five-year upswing in investor transactions.

The good news is that, as measured by steadily rising housing prices and growing demand for rental, it has led more buyers to believe that flipping houses make up their investment portfolios and provides a secondary source of income.

If you’re interested in learning more about picking the best investment property for you, continue reading.

Factors to Consider

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a vacation rental property. It is essential to weigh all of them to find the right fit for your situation.

Personal Use: 

Among the reasons people who purchase holiday properties, the ones who prosper the most, will use the properties themselves, including owners, not investors. Many people like using the resort property as it offers a convenient location for visiting. However, some wish to use it as a home to see their loved and precious ones. You must first consider whether you are making the investment for the sake of your benefit or some other reason. The result would be important for the decision you make.

Rental Income: 

This is important to consider if you want to invest in a famous holiday market. Property owners are also looking to rent out their assets for a good return. Not all investments can yield the same profits or make the same amount of money over time; nevertheless, some are better than others for a stable source of income. If your only motive for investing in a vacation rental property is to generate cash flow, you might want to choose either of the following options: (a) attractive vacation properties or (rental) sector, (b) the traditional estate.


Expenses may vary from regular miscellaneous expenses such as interest payments, fines, and electricity to unplanned maintenance and emergencies. These costs accumulate rapidly and will quickly surpass profitability if you are not cautious. Experiential investors also recommend novice investors to over-project their spending estimate and avoid wasting cash in unusual situations.


Taxes are a complicated process that can be seen as both a benefit or a drawback at the same time. To begin, anyone contemplating investing in a vacation rental should determine if they can manage regional, federal, and state property taxes and also premiums on taxable property. However, this kind of financial strain may be alleviated by tax write-offs applicable to vacation rental property companies.


In addition to the monthly rental revenue, the most significant consideration when investing in property is whether the market price will go up. Many economists consider markets to be just speculation, but when the price changes significantly, it is crucial that investors consider the current economic situation and financial landscape when doing their analysis. A well-informed investor is prepared to create wealth over time by conducting a thorough pre-investment analysis of property markets.


Even the most profitable beach investment assets are prone to danger, such as unfavorable weather conditions or financial failure due to an economic meltdown. Although any kind of investment carries some danger, vacation rental investors should be aware of certain potential drawbacks that can completely derail an investing strategy.


The simplest risk management method is to obtain an insurance policy that matches the specific circumstances. It is also essential to consider whether you need to purchase other forms of insurance to protect from incidents like fires, floods, etc. And the amount of coverage you have is sufficient.


The best spot for a vacation rental is one where the house can be lawfully leased to visitors. Before making your decision, double-check municipal zoning codes and all related homeowner association (HOA) regulations.

Property management:

Choosing a property management firm is significant for all forms of rental property. Although hiring a property manager can add to the costs, it will simplify your life. The property manager can perform various duties, including managing tenant attrition and supervising maintenance and repair facilities. They can also advertise the listing. Additionally, delegating these duties to a specialist will offer peace of mind, mainly if you do not reside in the same city as your house.

Top 5 Beach Towns to Invest in a Vacation Rental

We’ve mapped out ten great beach destinations that will all be well established by the year 2021.

We have a list of various information to help you identify the best areas if you were to invest your money into the real estate market in 2021.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

  • Price per Square Foot: $146
  • Cash on Cash Return: 3.0%
  • Average Property Price: $246,228
  • Monthly Rental Income: $2,227
  • Occupancy Rate: 55%

Myrtle Beach is one of the most famous tourist destinations along the East Coast of the country. It offers an incredible range of activities, from deep-sea fishing to intricate golf courses. The Oceanfront properties are preferred over lakeside and waterfront locations because they seem to have a more significant sales opportunity. Currently, there are several new homes in myrtle beach, which you might find very lucrative.

Florida’s Daytona Beach

  • Price per Square Foot: $165
  • Cash on Cash Return: 7.6%
  • Average Property Price: $242,563
  • Monthly Rental Income: $2,517
  • Occupancy Rate: 58%

Daytona Beach has an excellent housing demand for holiday rental homes. It’s a famous beach destination for people of all ages, mostly spring breakers. It boasts of all the necessary statistics to attract vacation rental investors. With the highest estimated cash return of any property on this list, Daytona Beach rentals are certain to generate a healthy profit.

Galveston, Texas

  • Price per Square Foot: $220
  • Cash on Cash Return: 6.3%
  • Monthly Rental Income: $4,216
  • Average Property Price: $399,863
  • Occupancy Rate: 58%

Galveston, located on Texas’ Gulf Coast, is one of the nation’s most famous beach resorts, drawing millions of tourists every year. The beaches, festivals, and historic landmarks all attract visitors, keeping Galveston holiday rentals active and satisfied.

Alabama’s Gulf Shores

  • Price per Square Foot: $282
  • Cash on Cash Return: 5.6%
  • Monthly Rental Income: $3,535
  • Average Property Price: $380,012
  • Occupancy Rate: 67%

Gulf Shores is a year-round business. Purchasing a holiday rental in this coastal town is a sure bet. On average, rentals produce nearly 6% returns, which is a relatively high yield.

Maryland’s Ocean City

  • Price per Square Foot: $284
  • Cash on Cash Return: 4.5%
  • Monthly Rental Income: $2,813
  • Average Property Price: $368,094
  • Occupancy Rate: 52%

Ocean City is not a secret gem; it is a desirable location with fierce competition. Real estate developers and holiday rental owners are earning a healthy return from their investment. The most successful is providing exclusive opportunities for Ocean City tourists. While it is a seller’s market, if you are purchasing a beach house in this region, make certain that you choose a rental property that will attract visitors.


Although a top vacation rental location does not guarantee investment performance, the best locations to purchase vacation property continue to hold out expectations of attractive possibilities. Many who appreciate the advantages of a vacation rental property must remember the reasons listed here.

Numerous factors contribute to a thriving real estate market. Although you might not find your ideal acquisition in one of the cities listed above, market dynamics may expand your viewpoints to a similarly situated location.