As many businesses are embracing modern technologies, software development services are in demand nowadays. Business systems make operations seamless, more straightforward, faster, and more secure. Because of the proliferation of software companies, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one.

In this post, you’ll learn the important things to consider before you hire a software company.3

Your Business Needs

It’s vital to have a clear understanding of your business needs and goals. In this way, you can easily communicate what you desire with the software development company. Setting proper expectations should be done at first, in which a software company explains the entire development process following your business requirements. 

Transparency is achieved through mutual effort. To help meet your goals, ask the software company about their development process and questions or suggestions. On the other hand, a good software company provides all the needed information in simple terms possible, so everything is crystal clear.

Type of Software Services

There are two types of software services: outstaffing and outsourcing. The outstaffing model involves hiring a person to perform all job duties. It means that a business or company hires a software development expert, becomes a part of the company, and provided with compensation and employee benefits.

On the other hand, in an outsourcing model, a client entrusts the entire software development project to a software company. Outsourcing involves collaboration between software development companies and customers. The type of outsourcing highly depends on the country where a company outsources its software development, such as a Hong Kong software company. 

 A good Hong Kong software company, such as, provides technology selection, product design, process development, technical documentation, and managed cloud services. In this way, you’ll have more efficient operations using proven software services. 

Implementation of User Experience Design Pillars

Choose a software company that’s dedicated to implementing the five pillars of user experience (UX) transformation. By using the appropriate technologies, they make up the core foundation of great web design. Implementing them help identify user interface issues and improve user research and experience.

Here are the five pillars of user experience web design that a software company should implement:

. Starting the Process Using User Empathy:

When it comes to UX design, focus on the user and the desired experience you want to introduce. 

Do you want them to experience a user-friendly navigation every time they browse your website? A good software company can provide sample prototypes of their UX design or their portfolio on how they improve user experience. 

Also, they interview and observe users to get into their shoes and understand their needs for better software development.

. Defining Problems and Personas:

To look for patterns in creating a unit of like users and personas, a good software company analyzes the user community, including their attributes and behaviors. 

A persona represents different types of users for your products, helping find appropriate solutions that are acceptable and satisfying to the eyes of your target users.

. Prioritizing Problems to Solve:

By embracing natural language processing (NLP), a reliable software company can define and prioritize problem statements for you to work faster, better, smarter, and cheaper. The software can interact in human-like conversations, too.

. Creating Prototypes:

A dependable software company always brainstorm to solve prioritized problems by prototyping disposable concepts and testing them with users to understand better what works and what doesn’t work. With the help of new technologies, it aims to add value to user experience. 

. Testing Prototypes:

To meet design requirements and help improve any existing design, one-on-one prototype testing sessions are carried out by a software company. 

Decide On Quality Or The Price

The quality and price usually have a spectrum, in which potential software-outsourcing companies generally fall as quality-first vendors or price-first vendors. 

A price-first vendor provides a fixed-bid quote for a project and more transactional. On the other hand, a quality-first vendor is focused on a more long-term relationship than a price-first vendor.

Consider The Company’s Credentials And Reputation

A trusted software company would be happy to show their portfolio without you requesting to take a look at it. Also, a good company takes pride in its excellent software products and services, as shown on their company profile on their website and client testimonials on their social media fan page. 

Also, to ensure all questions and concerns are addressed, take the time to interview the software company representative.


Before hiring a Hong Kong software company, it’s important to consider your business needs. Also, you have to know the type of software development services you need and choose the right company that can implement the five pillars of a good user experience (UX) design so you can meet your business goals and achieve long-term success.