NFT gaming has taken off. It was inevitable, let’s face it.  With the world currently so heavily reliant on digital currency and blockchain technology, NFTs have become an asset that can be bought, sold, and capitalised upon. Acting as the rare possessions of the gaming community, there is an art that comes with NFT gaming. Call it unique collectables, that are to be cherished. These trinkets in the gaming world are here to stay, and for the 3 billion or more gamers out there, NFTs are very much on the radar for everyone. It just takes a case of knowing what to go for, and of course figuring out if you want to be a creator, or a buyer. Hey, with Web 3.0, anything is pretty much possible. 

Within the gambling world at the moment, NFTs are slowly being introduced within sites that operate solely on the Blockchain technology. New Casinos UK is a great example of a site that can source to you all the crypto friendly sites that are adopting unique NFTs to entice their gambling community. Be sure to check it out if you are intrigued in how gambling and NFTs can be a thing!

Despite NFTs becoming one of the biggest trends to hit 2022, it is still a hard concept to pick up for the majority that are not crypto savvy let’s say. With the leverage of Web 3.0, and the environmental impact of NFTs, gamers can find NFTs hard to ignore. Especially due to the fact they share resemblance to much loved loot boxes, which dominated game play and cash incentives in most games of the online realm. NFTs now however, are being explored as more than just a gambling attribute and attraction. Gaming software elites like Square Enix, Ubisoft, Konami and so many more, are designing their own versions, to try and leverage them into the gaming systems that they own. But the question is how exactly?

NFT Gaming Will Increase Value 

NFTs in gameplay will add further incentive and value to user experience overall. Unlocking new climbs in the gaming experience as time goes on, we will see players really making sense of their gaming experience, as they want to do so. Ubisoft already uses an example, which has been deemed a hit. Their NFT scheme called Digits, which has expanded a second market within its gaming community, but also provided more reasoning for gamers to push their game time further. With chances of winning these NFTs without paying a penny, it does seem to be a no-brainer. In addition, there is a possibility that players can sell and make money from their hard-owned NFTs like digits, making gaming more secure and valuable to players.

Players Are In Control 

As elaborated within the last point, players are truly in the front seat, where NFT transactions are concerned. Players will have the power to sell items, and capitalise at higher percentages, especially when the NFT is more desirable on the markets to pass. This will certainly bring up old memories for gamers who once played their games, and sold them, in order to buy new ones. The digital era now however is reborn.

Play-to-Earn Games Are The Future

With many games like Axie Infinity proving the point of where the future is going in terms of playing to earn schemes, think of it this way. All platforms will most likely leverage the possibility of players earning from their game time. With 3 million users and counting on Axie Infinity, the parallel path towards all games going this way using various UX designs to keep things unique and simple, are most likely. Buying collectibles with trading cryptocurrency, will mean more and more NFTs will be in game circulation. While the volatility of the game’s earning potential will go up and down, depending on the number of cash outs, this could certainly pose a problem moving forward.

Nevertheless, with the Metaverse approaching in all online realms, gaming will push further climbs for sure. This will not only change the way in which we interact with NFTs, but absolutely everything in the way we socialise, interact, and hold personalities across the internet. It will not be just gaming, but most industries combined. NFTs are just the beginning.