Having a million site visitors is one thing; it is another to make a million sales.

This is the reality that has hit many site owners. You work your butts off to draw traffic into your site, only for the traffic to arrive and not really buy anything.

You then ask yourself: “What’s the point of spending so much on ads, SEO, and PR if the visitors don’t buy?” Truth be told, we understand your frustration. But it doesn’t have to continue like that.

Below are some game-changing tools that can help you convert regular site visitors into customers. 

  • And Web Traffic

AndWebTraffic is a web traffic tool that solves two of the biggest challenges facing site owners. 

Firstly, it solves the issue of low site traffic. In this case, if your site hasn’t been getting enough traffic, the tool helps you source traffic and then send it to your site.

Secondly, it brings actual customers to your site. In this case, not only does the tool help source traffic, but it ensures the traffic are people who are interested in buying. 

Thanks to their large network base, AndWebTraffic has access to various niche-specific authority sites, where potential and ready-to-buy customers are. When you order for web traffic, they dip into their large network of sites and identify the best sites where your prospective customers might be. Then they send these customers your way.

  • Mailchimp

There are different kinds of site visitors. Some come because Google directed them based on a search they made. Some find out about your site on social media and decide to check you out. And, of course, some know your site URL by name.

To convert this array of visitors into customers, you need different strategies. And that’s what Mailchimp helps you do.

As an email automation tool, Mailchimp helps you schedule and dispatch emails based on the individual experience of a site visitor. In other words, it sends a different email to newcomer visitors, those with abandoned carts, repeat buyers, those that bounced off the site after a few seconds, and so on.

With the help of this custom-tailored visitor interaction, many site visitors will be encouraged to return and make a purchase.

  • Usability Hub

It is not hard to imagine that the reason your site visitors aren’t patronizing you could be because of bad UI. If your site’s interface is off the mark, users will not enjoy their experience on your site. And if they don’t, how do you expect them to buy from you?

This is where Usability Hub comes in. It is a site UI testing tool. At its core, this tool tests your site’s navigation, CTA buttons, menu buttons, page load speed, user interaction, amongst other important user experience features. 

The goal is to find out whether there are any issues with the site’s UI and UX that could be turning visitors away.

  • Button Optimizer

Many a time, the reason site visitors don’t convert is because they aren’t properly guided on our sites. In other words, our websites lack effective call-to-action (CTA) buttons.

This is where Button Optimizer comes in. As a free CTA generation tool, Button Optimizer lets site owners customize their own CTA buttons the way they see fit.

Usually, people use cliché CTAs like buy now, click here, learn more, visit, download, etc.

But, as Hubspot reported in one of their studies, personalized CTAs convert 202% more visitors into leads than untargeted CTAs. That is, using the same CTA button for everybody visiting your site doesn’t work. You need to tailor your CTA to suit the individual experiences of visitors.

  • Mention

Do you even know how each site visitor came to know about your website in the first place? Maybe they heard or read something about you on social media and decided to check you out.

Whatever the case may be, Mention is a social media monitoring tool that lets you keep tabs on people’s conversations about your brand. That is, it helps you know what people are saying about your products.

With the insights gathered via Mention, site owners can better understand their audience and deliver a better site experience that instigates purchases.

  • Tutorialize

How many times have you visited a site, and you’re wondering where certain items are? I mean, like you enter the homepage and can’t find where a certain service page is.

Many site visitors have experienced this on multiple occasions on various websites. And guess what? They don’t like it. For site owners, this often leads to high bounce rates and abandoned carts.

To put things right, get your hands on Tutorialize today.

Tutorialize is a simple tool that helps you create simple tutorial guides for helping confused visitors navigate your site.

  • Conversion Voodoo

Of course, when you need instant results, you definitely have to turn to black magic. Conversion Voodoo is a blast of a customer-converting tool.

At its core, the tool monitors visitors’ first impressions and makes useful conclusions that can help you better configure your site for future success. It also executes A/B testing and configures your landing page for improved conversion.