The Internet is a magical network that has made distances disappear and connecting to people across the people much easier. It has revolutionized the way people learn, work, play and are entertained apart from connecting people in seconds no matter where they are located. The internet has made revolutionary changes in every field by contributing to research and development generally. Anything one needs to know, they can seek it over an internet search and within seconds, they are presented many links which provide the information they seek.When the mobiles came and it got internet enabled, its possibilities became boundless. As more and more people started using the internet, their demands also got bigger.

Where we could not even think of communicating over long distances without a telephone, the Internet took us to live video chatting which was as good as talking in person though those talking are physically miles apart. But speed and reliability became a concern when more people started using the internet. When fiber internet came up, it solved these 2 basic issues too. Many start-ups like Bigpipe and NakedADSL explored different aspects of fiber optics which made sure the regular residential subscribers got cheaper and faster fiber internet for their home use which is keeping them happy now.

fiber optics

The Internet of Things or IoT is another such technology which is quite trending across the world, particularly in the developed and developing nations. The concept here is to connect your internet enabled devices which are also called ‘Smart’ devices to a broadband connection and control it using your smartphone or instruction given over the broadband. This has become so popular that there are smart televisions, smart refrigerators, and smart air-conditioners even at the remotest places of the world. Smart cars, smart locks, smart safes, smart garages and smart security systems are also quite popular among the affluent consumers. It is not only about entertainment or utility devices that let you connect and control over the internet, the major usage has been in the medical field. Biochip transponder and heart monitor implant that can be accessed over the internet has become major life-saving usages of IoT which is exploring further advanced medical usages which can help humans survive better and longer.

When the fiber optics based internet entered the residential market, one of the major issues it solved was the consistent internet speed which the conventional cable internet was not able to provide. Fiber optics internet was made available to the regular subscribers at rates that competed closely with their existing connection which they were not happy with. Extensive marketing and exclusive deals made it all the more popular and people started giving it a try. One major advantage fiber optics had over the cable broadband was that it could provide a speed that ranged from 10 Mbps to 1000 Mbps as against the conventional broadband which only managed 3 to 10 Mbps speed at the maximum.


Moreover, the fiber optics enabled broadband connection was more consistent as the optical cable never lost data during transmits. With a WiFi router, this high-speed connection could be easily shared among all the smart devices without compromising on the speed as well as consistency. This is a major advantage of fiber optics enabled broadband connection which made it more popular among the residential users. Now people use a single fiber optics broadband connection to make the most of the IoT at home. It is a more cost-effective option when compared to the conventional cable and it offers better services too.

High competition is prompting the various ISPs to provide competitive rates and better deals and services to the subscribers for attracting them to switch their internet subscription.If the cable prices were a concern till a few years back, now it is no more an issue with cheaper and better fiber optics cables available easily in the market. Many ISPs are providing Naked Broadband and free WiFi routers too to lure the subscribers. Affordable fiber optics enabled internet broadband is indeed a revolutionary idea that has also popularized the concept of IoTamong the residential users. Since their single broadband connection can be shared by all the devices, people are also considering investing in more smart devices that will make their life more comfortable.