Gamers can be divided into a range of categories. If you have ever wondered where you fall, here are 8 of the most common types of players you will find online:

. The Ultimate Gamer

The ultimate gamer is the kind of player that is so invested in their favorite game that they will spend a fortune to win moves and jump levels. This type of player is also drawn to play online casinos, as they involve risk-taking and high-reward investments. Ultimate gamers are pretty dexterous on gaming controllers and will pull out all the stops to win a game, especially when there is a monetary reward involved.

. The All-Around Enthusiast

The all-around enthusiast plays more than one game, and they are not the type that will spend the whole day tethered to their gaming PC. Their life is balanced, and they are always open to learning new games.

All-around enthusiasts are only familiar with the most popular games – the kind everyone knows. They wouldn’t go the extra mile to learn tricks or rue repeatedly losing to friends or online gaming partners.

. The Cloud Gamer

Cloud gamers make up almost a fifth of the online gaming community. They adopt games early and will try to avoid games that force them into buying new hardware.

. The Conventional Player

The traditional gamer has dozens of games stashed in their computer, and is attached to games they installed years ago. If you are a conventional player, you are addicted to playing games, and watching other people play doesn’t tickle your fancy. The most standout attribute of conventional gamers is that they are competitive. They don’t take losing kindly and will get that win by fair means or foul.

. The Hardware Enthusiast

Hardware enthusiasts believe a workman is only as good as his tools. They have the best hardware and are up to speed with the hardware trends in the gaming industry. Hardware buffs most likely built their gaming rig from scratch, and a computer component does not get in the way of them playing a game. This type of player does not use consoles or mobile phones for gaming. They use high-end PCs with the latest and very best components.

. The Popcorn Gamer

The popcorn gamer isn’t so much into games, but they love being in the company of better gamers. They don’t own high-end gaming hardware or follow trends. Most of the time, the popcorn gamer will be at a friend’s place participating in tournaments. They are not excellent at any particular game, but they have a nodding acquaintance with most of the popular virtual games.

. The Backseat Viewer

This type of gamer isn’t savvy with the latest games and gaming hardware, perhaps because of family responsibilities, education, and other adult life, but they were once good. Just like popcorn gamers, backseat viewers enjoy watching others play.

. The Time Filler

Time fillers, as the name suggests, play games because they can’t find a better pastime. They spend time playing mobile games, and the farthest they would go as far as gaming is concerned is obtaining a console.