Most of us are not interested in syncing their Apple devices as they think this is a complex and long process and there is a risk of losing all of their precious data during the sync. Although, this is completely wrong and syncing your devices together is a really great and efficient way through which you can create multiple copies of your data on different devices along with accessing it with ease on all the synced devices. 


However, syncing all of your devices effectively can be a tedious task for some of us. This is where we would like to introduce SyncMate to all our readers. SyncMate is one of the most versatile and powerful tools that you can use to synchronize all of your data between Mac and other compatible devices with ease. All this makes SyncMate an all-round performer allowing users to copy their data on their different devices in just a few simple steps, making SyncMate your one-stop solution for syncing multiple devices. 

In this article, we are going to take a look at the different features and options that users get with SyncMate and how to sync iPhone to Mac with the help of SyncMate. Let us start with the unique and efficient features that are offered by SyncMate to all its users. 

Sync Your Different Accounts And Devices

One of the reasons why SyncMate is the best Sync tool that you can download is its capability of synchronizing your Mac with multiple devices without any limitation on the number of synced devices. This way users won’t have to download or buy some tools every time they want to get their different devices synced with each other. With SyncMate users just have to download the application and all the compatible devices can be synced easily with the help of the application. 

Besides syncing your devices, with the help of SyncMate users can also sync their different online accounts and cloud storage options. This includes Outlook, iCloud Storage, Office 365, your Google account along with Google Drive, and your Dropbox account as well. With all this, SyncMate allows you to seamlessly sync all of your accounts and keep all of your data safe all the time. 

Sync Options

There are multiple sync options that are available for the users as they download SyncMate. Here, SyncMate gives you the option to sync your calendar, reminders, Google & Safari contacts, photos, iTunes, and much more. Moreover, as you sync your device with your Mac, you can easily read and manage your text messages from your friends and track your call logs as well directly from your mac. In order to provide you with maximum efficiency, SyncMate will sync all the data automatically while you can work on other things. 

Compatible Devices

SyncMate is compatible with most of the modern devices and smartphones making it one of the best synch tools that users can download. This includes Android devices, iOS Devices, other Mac systems, mounted devices, your Google/ Dropbox / iCloud/ Outlook account, office 365 home & business edition, and most of the modern MTP devices. 

Explore Multiple Sync Options

SyncMate is available in two different editions i.e. Free and Expert edition. In the free edition, users can sync their contacts and calendar with the help of SyncMate while the sync process with start automatically in the background.

Besides that, if you are looking for more advanced options you can switch to the expert edition that offers you the option to sync complete folders, mounted disks, SMSs, call history, photos, iTunes account, Account, different playlists, bookmarks, and much more. 

User Guide

With SyncMate you can get your iOS device and your Mac synced. In this section, we are going to take a look at the different steps that you need to follow in order to do so. You start by connecting your iOs device with your Mac via a USB cable and thereafter, you can open SyncMate and choose the option Add A New Device that is there on the primary screen. Now, you need to choose the type of device and start with the sync process. 

Thereafter, you can click on the Trust option that will pop-up on your screen in order to proceed further with the sync. 

Lastly, you can customize the connection settings and select the things that you need to sync in order to complete the sync process. 


SyncMate is your all-round performer if you are looking for a credible and efficient tool to sync your Mac with other devices in just a few simple steps. After testing this tool we can safely recommend this to all the readers.