Going online to do most of the tasks is always convenient. Not only does it save time, but the costs are considerably cut down. Now, apart from writing, designing, or chatting online, we can sign documents too.

That may be a new thing to you, depending on how you view signatures in general. We would like you to know that if you can do it on paper, it’s also possible online. That excludes the need to print or photocopy since the document can be shared online as you collect the signatures.

If it’s a dream come true, then stick around to know how you can get any document signed online. Signature generators have made life more comfortable than we thought.

Part 1: Sign Documents within Minutes Via CocoSign

First, you may need to learn a little about signature generators. They are apps or web-based solutions that assist you in creating a digital signature. The signature is a personalized one, which means unique to you.

Once you have the signature, that is what you will use on the documents that need it. CocoSign is one such application, and it has acquired millions of users in 180+ countries. To use it, all you have to do is visit the official page.

The rest is self-explanatory thanks to the intuitive user interface and everything well labeled. With CocoSign, you can input signatures on PDF documents, reports, or any other file in electronic form. That is why it has acquired many users within a short time.

It’s free to acquire a signature and also use it to sign. In the process, you also get a free online account that you can upgrade at any time. So, if you want the extra features, such as creating a template, a fee is charged.

Now, since you can create a signature and use it to make documents official, let’s see some of the advantages involved.

Part 2: Advantages of Using CocoSign to Sign Documents Online

This is a solution that utilizes future technology to ensure that you can assign documents fast and be safe. These are some of the benefits that people realize after discovering CocoSign:

No Charges

You will not pay anything to create a signature and use it on documents. All you need is an internet connection and an enabled device. So, you don’t have to deal with physical papers and files. You also don’t need to send anything or travel since everything can be shared online.

Very Legal

Signing using CocoSign is just like doing it using a pen and paper. It’s completely legal to use the online platform regardless of the document status. So, whether it’s a legal case document or a report requiring school signatures, you are always sorted here.

Total Encryption

If you think that your documents or signature will be stolen, that’s not the case here. Online hackers cannot dare to pass through a multi-layer protection protocol that is on 24/7 watch. So, you can leave the legal documents there and worry less about missing them.

Adding Essential Information

Apart from signing the document, CocoSign can also insert the date and time for you. That’s essential in case there is a dispute on when a particular document was signed. It’s also an excellent way to remind you if you forget.

Multiple Signatures

If a document requires more than one signature, then that is also easier. CocoSign allows you to assign tasks to the needed parties. You can then notify them by sending the signing link and then let CocoSign handle the rest.

You will also get real-time notifications when one of the persons makes the changes.

Easy Access Anywhere

Since you have your signature and documents online, then it means you can retrieve them any time you need to. Just access your online account if you are connected to the internet. It also works with all browsers. You only need to make sure that the one you are using is updated.

After reading the great guide above, you can go to this page to sign documents using easy steps. Below is the procedure you need to get started and progress.

Part 3: How to Sign Documents Online using CocoSign

Step 1: Go to the CocoSign website and start by creating a signature if you don’t have a digital one yet. You can write your name for sign suggestions, draw using a stylus, or use the mouse or touchpad.

After that, save the signature in CocoSign, where you will create an account in the process.

Step 2: Upload the document that needs signing. You can drag and drop, use the ‘choose file’ option, or get it via the cloud options provided. CocoSign can work with the doc, PDF, JPG, or XLS formats. You can upload more than one file if there are many of them needing signatures.

After the upload, click on the ‘Next’ button.

Step 3: Use the signature you created in step 1 on the documents. If there are multiple signings to be done, just assign the participants and notify them by sending a link. You can also choose to add the initials, date and time, text, and email elements.

Step 4: When embedding the signatures is complete, you can now download the signed documents. You can save the file on your local device via preferred cloud storage or directly send it to your email.

You can also choose to leave it in your account since they will also be safe there.

NB: You can sign up manually or use your Google account to register for an account. If you want exclusive features, then you will need to join the monthly subscriptions.

The Verdict

Now, you have seen that it’s super easy to collect signatures. It doesn’t matter how many participants are involved in the signing process. All you need is an account with CocoSign to facilitate everything.

It’s free to use, and that’s why all users who need a digital signature are welcome. Now, instead of arranging for the meetings, let CocoSign handle most of the tasks for you.