The days of relying on organic clicks and social media responses without having to spend a dime are long gone. It indeed used to be possible to expand your brand awareness and enjoy increased traffic without putting in much effort. That was in the past, though; what we now have on most platforms are millions of similar businesses trying to reach the same target audience. With this, it becomes almost impossible to get the kind of traffic and brand awareness you want without advertising.

Social media advertising works by using behavior tracking to compile user information. Pixel tags and user’s cookies are embedded in websites. These are used to track the interest of the user based on their searches. For instance, if a user has been spending more time researching fashion trends on a social media platform, it is almost certain that the user will get ads relating to the fashion industry. This makes social media advertising a good strategy, especially for small-scale businesses looking to expand on social media. 

Knowing how social media ads work is the first step, understanding how to effectively create social media advertising is important to get any result from this strategy. The following are important aspects of social media advertising that will guide businesses to implement the right strategy to get the desired result.

Things you should consider before creating an ad campaign

Understand your business objectives

Before opting to create an ad on any platform, you must have first determined your business’s goal. You need to be able to highlight what exactly you intend to achieve. For some, their goal might be to increase their brand awareness, while others can choose to focus on traffic, engagement, or website click. All of these will determine the platform and advertising campaign style that will give you the desired result.

Find your target audience

Since you would not want to advertise a product that is meant for nursing mothers to teenagers, you need to determine your target audience before advertising. Define their demographics and psychographics; understand their needs and questions. Develop audience personas, as this will help you focus on the kind of audience you are trying to reach out to. Knowing your target audience also makes finding them easy. You need to know the platform where you have the largest audience, as this is definitely the best place to place your ads.

Learn from your organic posts

It is likely you already have some posts on your social media accounts. Some of these posts would have gotten higher engagements more than the others. You can leverage this to determine the kind of post you want to boost or promote your platform of choice. This way, you stand a chance of getting a better result.

Types of Social Media ads

There are several social media platforms with millions of subscribers, and most of them offer advertising options. This does not mean that you need to advertise your business on every one of them. Whichever option you choose, understanding the types of ads they allow is important. Some of the top social media platforms with their advertising options include:

Facebook ads

Facebook is home to more than 2 billion active users with different demographics and psychographics. This massive number of daily subscribers makes it a great place to advertise your business. This also means that you can easily get lost in the crowd while promoting your business on the platform, especially if you haven’t done enough research. 

Facebook ads focus on helping to achieve an increase in brand awareness, consideration, and conversion. This means you can get more website traffic, generate more leads, increase app installs and purchases, and even drive traffic to your offline store using Facebook Ads.

Facebook allows different types of ad types, and you can choose whichever one best describes your business while promoting on the platform. Some of the Facebook ads types include Photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, story ads, collection ads, Messenger ads, slideshow ads, and playable ads.

Another advantage of choosing Facebook to advertise your business is the link between the platform and Instagram. Since the same person owns both platforms, you can get your Facebook ads to reach your Instagram audience. This means you have a higher chance of getting more audience reach with Facebook than the other social media platforms.

Facebook Ads Manager is the place to go to get your post boosted. You will be asked to state your goal and define your audience. You will also have to design images or videos, depending on the option you choose. The next step will then be to write a catchy copy that will explain your business and attract your audience to click on the CTA button, which will be included at the end of the post. All these steps have various specifications you need to adhere to before your ad can be approved. Getting the best from Facebook ads can mean hiring the services of an expert in the industry to get it done for you. A platform like Capital Solutions can help set this up.

Twitter ads

Twitter is another great platform to advertise your business. It has similar offerings to Facebook, which are an increase in awareness, consideration, and conversion. Unlike Facebook, Twitter offers two types of brand options: Twitter Promote and Twitter ad campaigns.

Twitter promote helps select some tweets and promote them to your users daily. This promotion method allows you to focus on interest, but you won’t be able to choose which Tweets you want to promote; the algorithm does that for you. Twitter promote is no longer available to new users.

Twitter ad campaigns, on the other hand, works similar to Facebook. You choose the goal and objective you intend to achieve, then select your target audience demographics and promote your tweet. Twitter also allows you the option of promoting an existing organic Tweet or creating a new one. Twitter recommends that you avoid hashtags usage during promotions as this might get your ads to the wrong audience.

LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn is a platform that focuses more on professional qualifications for business owners. This is utilized in their ads option as it offers awareness, conversion, and consideration. LinkedIn ads types include sponsored content, sponsored InMail, dynamic ads, and text ads. All of these options will be displayed to you once you want to begin advertising, then you can choose the one that works best for your business.

Pinterest ads

Pinterest allows users the opportunity to enjoy more business goal options. Apart from brand awareness and traffic that it offers, you can also target traffic to specific products, increase video impressions and app installs. Pinterest ads manager works similar to the other ads managers. Note that it works best to start a date-specific campaign long beforehand. This is due to the long lead-time Pinterest ads when compared with the other social media platforms. You can also make use of the Promote Button to promote an existing Pin on your account.


Social media ad creation still yields results, provided you follow the specific guidelines of each platform and understand your audience demographics and needs. Small businesses can maximize this opportunity to expand their business faster. Although there is no set amount to pay for your ad, there are recommended amounts, which will help get a better result. The ads manager interface usually provides this.