According to Wikipedia, the term “dropshipping’ can be concise into a single sentence – a retailing practice of sending items from a manufacturer directly to a customer. 

In other words, you as a seller do not need to keep stocks or inventory when you sell through the drop-shipping method. Your supplier or sourcing agent is responsible for ensuring your orders are delivered to your customers without your close supervision. In this way, you are free to concentrate on making more sales and open new markets, leaving the logistic matters to your dropship suppliers.

Finding Your Product Niche

Now, your store is set. The next step is, what are you going to sell? Are you selling what everybody else is selling, or will you sell a specific category of product that will appeal to your target customers? You will need to define your product niche.

There are a few ways you can research the best product to sell in your targeted market. 

  1. Get to the ground. Going physically to where the people are and speaking to them is the most common way to determine what the market is looking for. Set up surveys, ask questions and gather as much information as you can. From there, you can find out what the market is lacking, and you fill up the vacuum. 
  2. Use Google Trends. Utilizing this nifty tool provided free by Google, one can quickly search out the current and the latest trend on the internet. Google Trends displays the latest and most popular term searches by different countries and categories. While the search engine is powerful, all this free information is useless if you do not know how to research the right keyword and interpret the data and statistics shown on the site.
  3. Use your dropshipping supplier’s provided tools. The easiest method to see the hottest and best trending product in the market is to use your dropship supplier’s platform. Dropship sourcing suppliers like EPROLO lists out the top 100 hottest products on its platform. This list is updated every week to ensure that drop-shippers like you get the latest and most accurate information on what to sell at your dropshipping store. This service is free for all EPROLO users without needing any subscription plan so that everyone can take advantage to sell the latest and hottest product on the market immediately. 

Find Your Professional Dropship Suppliers

Selecting the right professional dropship supplier, one needs to fulfill few criteria. 

a) Speedy product delivery.A good dropship supplier must be able to deliver your customers’ orders within a reasonable time frame. In other words, the faster and shorter the delivery time, the better. While most of the suppliers in the market deliver within 20-30 days, research has shown most customers prefer that their delivery will only take a maximum of 15 days. 

b) Good product prices.A good dropship supplier must be able to source your product with reasonable costing too. With lower prices than your competitors, it will provide you with a good product margin and profit markup -because being profitable is our objective.  

c) Vast product choicesProduct variety that encompasses multiple categories is a must to define a good dropship supplier. Whether the garment product right to electronics goods, all products must be easily searchable and acquired within a few clicks. 

d) Company reliability.A proven track record is an essential criterion in choosing your dropship supplier. A company should have good standing in the market; multiple years in business operation and good after-sales support mark a good business company to partner together.

e) Good platform supportEasily reachable support by the supplier is super important. Being a time-sensitive business, good support by the supplier will help you tremendously whenever there are issue arises with your orders in the shortest period possible. 

Introducing EPROLO. 

Based on the criteria we just listed above, we would like to present EPROLO as the best choice for you as the dropshipping supplier as well as sourcing agent for your business. 

EPROLO ships your products within 6-12 days to most countries globally. EPROLO can achieve this fast delivery time frame due to its various warehouses strategically located in the USA, United Kingdom and China. 

You will be pleased to find that product costing found on EPROLO are very competitive – similar to other suppliers in the market, ensuring that you have plenty of margins to remain profitable in business.

On the EPROLO platform, there are more than three hundred thousand products for you to choose from – and more are added daily on the list, so you will always find something new to sell for your business. Can’t find what you wanted? You can easily add products you see on AliExpress to your store with plugins on the EPROLO platform. 

Since 2015, EPROLO has fulfilled more than 30 million orders globally. With a growing user base of 300,000, you can rest assure that you have great support with EPROLO as your dropship sourcing supplier. Just look at our user reviews and ratings at Facebook and TrustPilot.

Our English-speaking support staffs are always reachable via email and Skype, ensuring that your dropship business runs as smoothly as it can be. With plenty of detailed tutorials and dropshipping tips on its website, EPROLO strives to provide you with the best value drop-shipping partner in the market. 

How EPROLO fulfill your orders

Whether your e-commerce store is Shopify and WooCommerce, EPROLO’s platform is ready to integrate with your store, and eBay and Amazon store can also import products from EPROLO ERP system. Whenever a customer places an order in your store, the EPROLO platform will capture the order in its system. All you need to do is log into your EPROLO account, select and confirm the orders you would like EPROLO to fulfill, and make payment via the provided Paypal payment gateway. 

It’s that easy! Once you place an order, your orders then will be processed within 24-48 hours, and the platform will immediately provide you with a tracking code so you can monitor the status of your shipment. The provided tracking code will be synced with your store so that your customers, too, can monitor the delivery of their order status.

The online world is ready for you to market your latest dropship store. With EPROLO’s help and coupled with hard work and wise marketing moves, we are sure that success awaits you at the end of the road!