Building a website has come a long way. Years before, you needed to be an expert in HTML, PHP, Server management and whatnot to create a website. Look at today — anyone who knows how to use the Internet can create a website, especially with proper guidance.

What we are saying is, you don’t need to be a coding expert to create a functional website or blog. You just need the basic digital and Internet literacy, which you certainly have. So, here it is, the ultimate guide to creating a website. In this article, we have created a step-by-step tutorial you can follow on how to create a website. There is a bigger question to be answered before, though.

How to Create a Website — The Platform We Use

There are different ways to create a website, depending on your knowledge and convenience. You can either go for a hard-coded HTML website or choose CMSs like WordPress. Or, even better, you can go for an easy-to-use website builder like Wix. Since this guide is for beginners — who need a fully functional website —, it makes sense to go for Wix Website Builder.

In case you missed all the news, Wix is a free website builder for designing, hosting and publishing websites and blogs. It’s so powerful that you can create any type of website using Wix — say, an eCommerce website or a simple personal blog. In this article, however, we will be using Wix to create a simple yet functional business website. Shall we now move onto the steps?

Step #1

Wix is the only website you need for this entire tutorial. You can go to to get started.

Click on the Start Now button that you see on the homepage.

Step #2

On the upcoming page, click on the link named Sign Up.

Now, you have to create an account in Wix, which is completely free. If you don’t want to provide email and all, you can sign up using your Facebook or Google account as well.

Once you have provided the details, click on the Sign Up button.

Step #3

In this page, to make things simple, you can select the type of website you want to create.

There are multiple options like Business, Designer, Online Store, Photography, Events etc. Here, we will be selecting Business.

Step #4

This is where things get really interesting. You have two options to create a business website — Wix ADI and Wix Editor.

In Wix ADI Mode, you can answer a few questions and the website will be created. In the Wix Editor mode, you can customize the design and content by yourself.

Here too, we are going for the easiest option — Wix ADI.

Click the Start Now button to continue.

Step #5

Now, Wix ADI will ask you a few questions such as the name of your business, location etc.

You can also decide the elements you’d like to include in the website.

Keep hitting the Next button as soon as you answer.

Step #6

In this step, you can edit the information you have provided.

If you missed something, add that too. For instance, there is an option to connect social media profiles.

Click Next after you are done.

Step #7

Here, you can select the visual style you want for the website.

Click the Continue button to continue.

Step #8

Wait for a few seconds while Wix ADI creates the best website design for you. In a second or two, you’ll land on the Wix editor, with the first preview of your website design.

Now, it’s easy to edit any type of content. As you hover on each section, there will be a button named Edit. Simply click on the button and make the changes you want. It needs to be noted that Wix has the best editing interface we have seen. It’s intuitive and powerful at the same time. So, you have the freedom to make any kind of edit.

Once you have made the necessary changes, hit the Preview button to see how the website looks in real. If you think the Design is cool, you can hit the Publish button.

Step #9

When it comes to publishing, you have two options.

  • Use a free subdomain
  • Connect the website to your own domain name

Now that you have chosen the best method, hit the Publish and Continue button. It needs to be noted that the ability to use your own domain name is available in Premium plans only.

We really recommend going for the Premium plan, because it brings a lot of professional features. In most plans, you get a free domain name as well.

Step #10

That’s it. You have successfully published your website. Wasn’t that simple enough?

Wrapping Up

Well, this is our easiest and ultimate guide to creating a website. We have covered all the steps, elaborating the process as well. We believe you can create the perfect website for your business or personal brand via Wix. If you have any doubts regarding these steps, do let us know through your comments.