There are two types of gamers in the world. First, the ones who play games during their free time. Second, ones who find free time amidst their gaming adventures. In fact, the second category of people are the ones who understand the real world of gaming, and also the gamer culture. Yeah, you heard that right. After the rise and demand of online and offline gaming, we now have a unique lifestyle for enthusiastic gamers — and it includes visiting a Puzzle Event in San Francisco or checking out Now Play This Festival in London. If you’re one of these gaming aficionados, we have a Bucket List for you.

This Bucket List for gamers consist of many activities, places and things that an enthusiastic gamer can be a part of. If you are not interested in the common man’s bucket list — of skydiving or scuba diving — you can definitely try this out. This infographic is created by MrGamez, which offers a wide variety of games under a singular platform. Activities listed here include the SEGA GIGO in Tokyo Japan and Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines, where you can bring yourself back to the old world of arcade games. You can find 14 activities in this Gaming Bucket List and you will surely find one of your interest too.

Ready to start your gaming adventures?

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