Earning your master’s degree pretty much guarantees you will be able to secure a good job outside of school and it also opens up the possibility for all kinds of careers. If you’re interested in the field of business in particular then you may not be aware of just how many different degrees there are in the field. Here’s a look at the top options.

Master of Science in Computer Information Systems

The masters in CIS program is an incredibly popular one with students. With this program you will be able to enter a business field where technology is vital. You will learn about all of the latest project management tools, technology, and business systems. CIS online programs typically have a very high rate of employment, as it is a job that is always in demand.

Masters in Human Resource Management


Most companies have a human resource department, which is run by the human resource manager. A business degree in human resource management prepares you to take on this role in a confident manner. As a human resource manager it will be your job to implement the company’s strategic, organizational, and training strategies to the employees. This can be a very high-paying position as you work your way up the ladder into the management role.

Masters in E-Commerce

Here’s another degree that will prove to be extremely helpful in finding you a job. A masters in e-commerce will prepare you to understand electronic distribution of information. You can even specialize in this program and have a focus on data mining, support systems, analysis of E-Systems, emerging technology, telecommunications, and so much more. The positions in this field tend to be very high paying as well and allow you to work all over the world.

Masters in Finance


Not only is this an interesting branch to get into where business is concerned, it also posts some extremely high employment numbers. You likely won’t have to worry about getting a job when you complete a master’s in finance. In this program you will learn all about corporate finances and how to analyze them.An interesting statistic released by the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics states that by the year 2020 there is expected to be a 25% increase in the amount of jobs that require this degree. That’s a rather large number, which translates to great opportunities for new graduates.

Masters in Marketing


This is a great degree for people that have not just business sense and skills, but who also have creative skills. Some of the jobs this degree will prepare you for are a marketing coordinator, a marketing consultant, a marketing manager, and the top spot of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Marketing positions exist in companies of all sizes or you can opt to work as a consultant and be your own boss.

Securing your Future with a Degree

No matter which of the above mentioned degrees you are interested in or have just completed, one thing is for sure – you are bound to get a job and start working your way up the ladder.