As each year goes by, automobiles become even more impressive and introduce incredible new technology and gadgets. This has somewhat transformed the automobile industry and the way in which we drive, with improvements in performance, safety and functionality.

This also means that it is possible to pick up second hand cars that boast fantastic technology. With this, you get a much improved driving experience without having to pay through the teeth for a brand new vehicle.

If you are in the market for a tech-filled second hand vehicle, keep your eyes peeled for these desirable cars. To find the best high-tech second hand cars, you will need to visit reputable used car suppliers, like Imperial Cars.

1) Kia Optima


This impressive midsize sedan is an attractive car which is packed full of great technology. This can include a panoramic sunroof, driver seat memory, heated seats, Bluetooth voice control and Kia’s Uvo eServices telematics – this allows you to monitor the vehicle via a smartphone.

2) Ford Focus

A manufacturer well-know for incorporating the latest technology, Ford’s famous Focus line has always had the most innovative technology. The newer models feature a navigation system with Travel Link services and integrated SiriusXM Traffic, an LCD touchscreen with various controls and voice control and assisted parking amongst other features.

3) Honda Civic

Much like the Ford Focus, Honda’s famous Civic line is packed with new features after a recent redesign. Newer models now come with automatic climate control, Adaptive Cruise Control, lane departure warning, forward collision warning, lane keeping assist and many other impressive safety features. It also has intuitive connectivity technology for a more enjoyable drive.


4) Mercedes E-350

The Mercedes E-350 has a heavy focus on improving safety through technology. A camera system alerts you to pedestrians in the road, whilst the car uses 70 variables to determine if you have been driving for too long and should use assisted features.

5) BMW 7-Series


The 7-Series is regarded as one of the most technologically advanced cars of all-time. This amazing automobile boasts automatic parking with the driver standing outside; this is controlled by the smart key which also lets you set the climate, control heaters and reminds you when a service is due. A tablet enable you to control music, lighting, seat positioning and plenty more. These are just a few of the amazing features.

These 5 vehicles will all transform your driving experience and can be found second-hand if you look in the right places.