There’s a podcast for everything nowadays, and gambling is certainly included within this. You’ll find podcasts about sports betting, poker, casinos – if you can bet on it, there’s almost certainly a podcast about it.

But what are the five best gambling podcasts you can find online? Check out this page to find out more…

Gambling Podcast: You Can Bet On That

If it is to do with gambling, they’ll cover it on this podcast. From popular casino games, such as roulette and blackjack, through to sports betting, this podcast has it all. Podcasts are released about every two weeks and some of the more interesting subjects they’ve covered include slot machine scams and when to tip casino employees. Podcast lengths can be anything from 45 minutes through to 90 minutes and are perfect listening for those long journeys to and from work.

Good Bettor Bets

Hosted by Digs, Gumpy and Todd McComas, this is a podcast mainly focused on sports betting (although they do occasionally chat about other betting opportunities). Their NFL and NBA previews are their most popular topics with listeners, giving sports betting fans some great ideas about what to bet on over the coming few days. You won’t miss out on advice for any game, as this is a weekly podcast.

The Blackjack Apprenticeship Podcast

This is for the blackjack fans out there. Every podcast focuses on a completely different aspect of this incredibly popular game, from starting out playing blackjack, through to popular card-counting techniques. You might not think there’s that much to say about the game of blackjack, however the people behind this podcast manage to create shows of over an hour, which are packed with loads of interesting stories, tactics and tips.

Behind The Bets With Doug Kezirian

Doug Kezirian is the ESPN gambling analyst, so who better to advise you on the world of sports betting in Las Vegas? Boasting that this podcast explores “the games surrounding the games”, this show is perfect for those looking to get a greater understanding of the inner machinations of the sports betting world. Guests appear on the show regularly, ensuring that it always remains fresh and interesting for listeners.

RJ Bell’s Dream Preview

Finally, we come to RJ Bell’s Dream Preview. It lets gamblers know everything they need to know about the upcoming weekend games, plus there are contributions from some of the biggest names in sports betting. This isn’t just one of the best podcasts for those looking for betting tips though – it’s also one of the funniest gambling podcasts around, guaranteed to keep you chuckling for the entire show. Shows can be upwards of three hours, so you might have to listen in installments!

So, there you have it: five great podcasts for those with a passion for gambling. Now all you need to do is grab your smartphone, download the podcast that sounds best to you, and listen to what these gambling experts have to say. You might even find your gambling skills improving after you’ve listened to these top podcasts!