Over the years, Exness has managed to attract seasoned traders who have high demands and expectations from their broker. With its product development, Exness has been able to retain them and maintain high levels of loyalty among them. Today, Exness is the world’s largest multi-asset broker in monthly trading volume according to Finance Magnates quarterly Intelligence Reports, with monthly trading volumes exceeding $3 trillion and over 500,000 active clients. The broker’s success can be attributed to its client-centric philosophy, powered by its technology.

Trading Platforms

Accessibility is the number one priority for Exness. The broker ensures that its clients can trade on their preferred trading platform and, most importantly, utilize it to its fullest potential. Exness traders can trade on a range of trading platforms, including the popular MT4 and MT5, as well as its proprietary platforms, Exness Webtrader and Exness Trade app.

These platforms are designed to be compatible with all operating systems and devices, making them accessible to traders worldwide. Exness’ technology is further utilized to enable reliability along with a series of advanced trading tools that help traders execute their strategies more effectively. This is the area where Exness’ technology really shines.

Trading Conditions

Under the hood, beyond the accessibility and user-friendliness of the trading platforms, Exness’ technology delivers a real differentiation point – the trading conditions – which is what inspires trust and loyalty among its clients.

Exness leverages its technology to offer pricing and execution that is better than what the market can offer. While other brokers’ spreads depend on trading volume, Exness manages to keep them extra low, even during times of high volatility. And while other brokers may experience trade execution delays, Exness statistically executes 80% of its orders in less than 25ms.

The speed of execution doesn’t stop at trades. Exness is also the first broker to offer instant withdrawals, processing each request on the broker’s end within mere seconds. The broker achieved this by developing algorithms that perform AML and AFC automation 24/7. It is also worth mentioning that Exness absorbs swaps from overnight positions and offers a range of features, such as price volatility protection, that aim to make trading more predictable.

Trading Experience

Ultimately, Exness strives to do what’s best for its clients – to improve their experience and results. The broker constantly improves its reliability, pricing, and executions with the goal of fulfilling its promise of a frictionless experience, from account opening to withdrawals.

This is no easy feat, as it entails complicated algorithmic frameworks and data science that automate processes and streamline procedures. The end result is a trader’s journey with no interruptions or interferences – one that is at the core of the broker’s product and feature development and one that aims to empower each trader to make the best use of their knowledge and skills in the financial markets.

This reflects Exness’ commitment to providing an ethical and transparent trading environment, which has proven to be a great business practice with high retention rates and high levels of client satisfaction.