In the past few months a new series of games has become huge among slots fans, Megaways Slots. Developed by Big Time Gaming, the new games have become incredibly popular all over the world, thanks to a new mechanic, a fantastic graphic design and lots of special features that make them unique.

What special features do best Megaways Slots have in common? The first online game to use the ground-braking engine was Bonanza Megaways in 2016 and the slot has become a classic by now. The elements of the success of the slot are all in this first release, including a new mechanic with up to 117.649 pay lines, cascading reels, reel modifiers and much more. 

Since the first slot has been released, many more have followed and the series has now more than 80 titles. As mentioned earlier, some shared elements make the success of these games, let’s have a look: 

. New Mechanic:

the main thing about Megaways Slots is their new mechanic, which takes the games beyond the old logic of payline. This is a new way of conceiving how reels work: with the new engine reels can display 2 to 7 symbols during each game, the outcome of every round is unpredictable. This gives a different dynamic to the whole gameplay, become more interesting during basegame. The higher the number of Megaways, the higher the chances of hitting a win, the precise number of pay lines is marked in a box at the end of each spin. 

. Unlimited Win Multipliers:

this is a great opportunity for players and one of the features that has made the series big among slots fans. When triggered, the free spins bonus session starts with a win multiplier at x1. After each winning reaction (cascades included) the multiplier increases in value by 1. By the end of the session multipliers might have become huge, giving players the opportunity go hitting a big win. 

. Reel Modifiers:

many slots in the series use random reel modifiers, which add a special function to any given spin. This might be special wilds, win modifiers or special features. This is another way Megaways Slots keep the attention of the players high, creating an immersive experience and an interesting gameplay during base game. 

. Cascades:

another important feature, which is usually included in the usual Megaways setting is cascading reels. This is a special feature many players already know, as it is very similar to the avalanche feature in Gonzo’s Quest. When there is a winning combo, the symbols on the payline explode and new symbols fall from above filling the reels. Now new combinations are recalculated and possible extra wins are added to the balance of the player. This is a great combination with unlimited win multipliers, as consecutive cascades increase the value of every win. 

Megaways Slots have taken the online gaming world by storm, with a huge success built quickly thanks to the quality and the innovation in the games. The fortune of the series might continue for a long time, as long as the developers keep pushing the boundaries and creating new special features players can enjoy.