OFCOM’s latest infrastructure report identified that 20% of urban homes and 80% of rural homes are currently residing in not-spot areas for 4G coverage. This lag in rural coverage compared to urban areas has brought to light the digital divide which network providers must work on.

But what has been done to improve rural 4G coverage, APWireless take a look at the digital divide and potential for 4G rural coverage:

What Is The 4G Network?

Launched in 2012, the 4G network is the latest update for mobile technology. Its aim is to provide mobile data connection speeds of over 10Mbit/s. EE, O2, Vodafone and Three run the services.

However, since this new wave of mobile technology was released there have been many areas or not-spots identified. These are areas in which there is no 4G signal available which meant people were still struggling for fast internet connections.

Why Is Rural Coverage Important?

OFCOM’s report also identified that the UK as a whole is only 46% covered by 4G signal in comparison to the 2G coverage of 93%. It was recently ranked behind Romania, Albania and Mexico for its 4G coverage.

If the UK wants to continue to grow as an economy, it is vital that 4G coverage improves across all areas not just rural.

Looking specifically at rural areas, better coverage could provide the chance for businesses to grow away from city centres, help people to stay in contact and even provide better signal for emergencies. By improving 4G coverage across these areas, there may even be the possibility of rural areas using the 4G network instead of struggling to connect using a broadband signal.

What Are Your Options As A Mobile Phone Mast Landlord?

In many rural areas, mobile phone masts are installed on the roof of buildings or in surrounding lands. In urban areas, these mobile phone masts are normally cells attached to the outside of buildings mucher smaller in size. In both cases the landlords can enter into agreements with the network provider for mobile phone mast rentals. However, as networks begin to expand and providers such as Vodafone and O2 look to replace some of their masts, there is a sense of uncertainty in this form of income. Companies such as APWireless can keep you up to date on recent changes to mobile network and discuss all the options for a mobile phone mast lease premium. This will provide you with the security you have been looking for.

With the network providers constantly looking to improve their 4G signal and rural areas being at the forefront of any expansion, there is hope for our 4G network yet!