Search Engine Optimization is in the center of attention for most businesses since it can boost the sales of a company quite rapidly. Businesses are investing a lot of money into bettering their image in the online field, so websites became more complex, social media accounts look fancier than ever and Google search results determine how safe and popular the website is. For that, businesses need to hire SEO companies that will deal with all the processes related to this matter. But one thing is certain – you must learn the basic concepts yourself. If you’re a rookie, worry not – this article is going to present all the factors that influence the traffic on your website:


The content created for SEO purposes is a little bit different than the blog posts you might be used to. The perfect length of an SEO-friendly blog post is around 1500-2000 words. There are other types of blogs as well, depending on the purpose they are used for. Even though it seems too long, people are more engaged when long, quality content is used for a professional blog or website. Also, the content must include the keywords selected during the first step, which will help customers reach your website easier when they are looking for something that you offer. Search engines are also responsive to how your header tags are created. Content should be abundant in H1, H2,and H3 to be recognized easily by the search engine.


Finally, you need to understand how internal linking works. You must establish the architecture of your business website by using links. Spreading link equity can be done through the content you post. SEO companies can apply the link building strategy that is appropriate for your website. Natural links are a bonus, while unnatural ones must be removed from the page. In order to obtain natural links, business websites should rotate anchors and ask for attribution for your images, you can ask for shares to gain outreach. Guest posting and press releases are related to the way you built your content. Guest posting and press releases are the assets you have for your links.

Everything about keywords

Keyword research is the first step to get a website as high as possible in search results. Keywords are the word combinations that lead people to your website. When they need something, people use Google or other search engines to look up the things they need. In order to achieve the best result, keyword research must be done for your website’s specific. SEO companies can be found everywhere in the world now. A lot of research must be done to find the most suitable keywords to work with in bringing your website on top of the list in terms of search results. Duplicate keywords have to be eliminated for the list and programs such as Google Keyword Planner should be used to organize the viable ones.