One would question his knowledge of the English language, once he gets into the casino gaming world. Scattering Craps and Caribbean Stud, literally does not mean what they speak of. Many terms used in casinos are not just difficult but also weird. However, few of the words have a very interesting history associated with it. 

Casino games are not just luck-based table games but need lots of research, calculations, and strategic planning as well. Games in ancient China were more related to numbers and calculations while ancient Europe has the history of games based on dice and coins. This internet-based modern world had redefined the meaning of games. Casino is the result of amalgamation of both worlds. Online Casino Terminology is something that one must go through before plunging into the vast ocean of the casino world.

The Following Are A Few Of The Popular Terms Used In Casino Fraternity. 

Casino: The term is supposed to have originated from the Italian term for ‘small house’ meant for fun and leisure. During the initial days, these houses were meant to be used for music and dancing with the introduction of gambling later on. As per the record, the first Casino di Venezia started to operate in 1638. Surprisingly, the casino is still operational to date. 

Slot: The ordinary meaning for ‘slot’ means a position or opening from where once can give or receive something. However, slots or slot machines are used for games that are played with coins. One needs to insert a coin to start the game and if successful, you are loaded with a lot of coins that come out of the slot.

Baccarat: The Baccarat history dates back to the 15th century with its origin in Italy. For many centuries, Baccarat was considered as aristocrat’s card game. However, with the new technology and online casino, this game is easily accessible to all people world over. This game of ‘baccara’ was developed by Felic Falguiere in medieval Italy, which was adopted by French and became ‘baccarat’.

Roulette: Roulette features on the top half of the chart for most games enjoyed and played millions. This is the most popular and common game that any novice also tries hand at his first visit to a casino. The game derives its name from the French word for little wheel. Theories say that Blaise Pascal gets the credit for inventing a motion machine game during the late 17th century. The modern version of the roulette game is a combination of the Italian number game ‘Biribi’ and the modified version of the Blaise wheel game.

Croupier: A croupier, French origin word, is the one who rides after the lead rider of a horse. In the casino world, a croupier’s responsibility was to stand behind the gambler taking care of his cash reserves and collect and pay the coins. With the change of time, croupiers are now appointed by a casino assisting the dealer in conducting the game and help in distributing payout and bets.

One Armed Bandit: Prior to the digital touch machines and push buttons, the slot machine used to have a lever-like metal handle to make the slot work. Its role was to make the slot work and display the numbers or fruit images. As the lever resembled an arm, and the slot was supposed to rob money of the player, it was called ‘one-armed bandit’. The craze for such lever slots still exists.

Bet: As per the old school of English, Bet is assumed to arrive from a short form of beet or abet, meaning to create better or make something better than others. The basic idea of ‘bet’ is to improvise or deliver better than the other.

Luck: One of the most heard terms at casinos, where someone having it wins big, while others lacking luck loses all. The term took birth from the Dutch word ‘luc’ meaning fortune or happiness. Some assume it to be a shorter version of ‘gheluc’. However, only a few games can be won by sheer luck whereas proper strategic planning is needed to win big at casinos.

RNG or Random Number Generator: Many games in casinos are number-based and selection of a random number is a part of the game. RNG is a software that deals with the process of generating random numbers used in many casino games.


No matter from where the word originated or what it means, players are concerned with only one thing, winning at the casino. However, knowledge of the secret history of casino terms certainly adds to your knowledge. You never know, you may get a chance to flaunt your knowledge of casino history in front of your competitors very soon.