A new business means a new beginning that needs announcement to the world in order to make your presence felt. It is easier to achieve this if you have the right game plan. Without a good audience to the announcement, there is going to be no boost to the business as it will almost go unnoticed. Nonetheless, press release distribution services ensure that whatever is in your mind and that you wish to share with the masses is effectively put across to them.

How to write a press release

Before you announce to the world about your new venture, changed location, new product and others, it is crucial that you frame the release in an appropriate manner so that it attracts people and your announcement gets proper desired attention. The release depends upon three factors –

  • Impact:

how is the news going to affect the readers

  • Urgency:

Is the news important enough for immediate release? 

  • Recognition:

Does the news tell you about something important or about a well-known event?

The writing format needs to be precise to offer a great release.

  • Attention grabbing headline:

Remember, if the headline is catchy, then people are tempted to read further. At the same time, the title should clearly focus on the content (product launch, notable study or new venture)

  • News location:

Tell in short about your location and the actual place of the news.

  • Lead:

This is a one line concise sentence, with the explanation of the newsworthy study or the content.

  • Body of the content:

Starting from the most essential points, gradually filter the content by mentioning least important issues in the end. Use of wise quotes throughout the matter, dispersed in clever manner, adds credibility to your arguments.

  • Boilerplate:

This is where you describe your company in short to the readers.

  • Contact info;

The journalists and reporters like to keep follow up of interesting news events. Hence, every place should have communications manager or media coordinator. Share the contact info of this person with the reporters so that they know where they can get the further updates.

Submission of press release

Just making a press release is not enough. It needs to be published in proper manner. 

  • Compile a media list and decide where you wish to publish your matter.
  • Research and understand the submission guidelines and follow them accordingly.
  • Send a submission email along with the press release.
  • Just submitting the release is not sufficient. You need to keep a regular follow-up with the different media outlets.
  • This is not a one-man job. Thus, hire the services of best press release distribution service.
  • Now that the press release is out, announce it on social media to gain more viewership.
  • Keep track of the performance through the press release analytics.

Press release and business boosting

It is rightly said that pen is mightier than sword. If you have a well-worded news release, it is going to have a deep impact on the audience and they will surely follow the future happenings. If you are announcing about a new product or service, and add video or striking photos in the release, it is sure to grab attention and promote the business. This is digital age and digital marketing has captured the world. Press releases through radio and TV stations garner more audience and prove effective. It is easy to create brand awareness amongst masses with little effort that pays good dividends.


By hiring the best press release distribution services you can ensure that the news that is important to you becomes important for all and they take due notice. Reaching out to wider audience is possible by distributing the news across many channels and experienced distribution professionals competently handle that.