The year 2020 has seen competition in the social space increase twofold. First, there was Instagram that dominated the video and image sharing sector. They have been doing well until the moment another vlogging app came to the scene. We are talking about the now popular TikTok – a video and image sharing platform with roots in China. 

Given the Asian origin, you’d perhaps expect Asians to dominate the platform, but as it turned out, the app was meant for the world. Youths in America, Africa, and some Asian countries have become common household names on continents they have never been to, thanks to viral videos.

What’s The Difference Between TikTok And Instagram? 

TikTok is a social media app like any other. However, the one-minute video recording feature that allows users to add visual effects before sharing remains the platform’s face. You may already know that Instagram did not have such videos in the past, and while you can upload videos from storage, TikTok only allows real-time recordings. Put it simply, you can add the same video twice to your Instagram account, but that is impossible with TikTok.

The bottom line here is that TikTok is encouraging creativity where competitors have been reluctant. This platform gives users the capability to like videos and send direct messages to each other, just like Instagram. 

The Stalemate

The rise of TikTok gave Instagram directors sleepless nights. The app has had a high user growth that threatened the market giant, and as you would expect. The Facebook-owned app has released a new feature that works the same way as TikTok’s video-sharing feature. It is even in the public domain that Instagram Reels is more of a copy than a new creation. 

Besides the competition from Instagram, TikTok is also facing the risk of getting banned from the US market. The US government is concerned the app is connected to the Chinese government and their approach to data and privacy.

As we write this, TikTok has less than 45 days to finalise a merger with a US-based firm or get weeded out of the market. This follows an executive order signed by President Trump. However, many people will compare the incidences surrounding the Chinese app to casino gry. This is because TikTok’s mother company, ByteDance, has come out indicating all its data is stored in the US and Backed up in Singapore. Furthermore, ByteDance is led by Kelvin Mayer – a former Disney executive and does not operate in China. 

Will TikTok Survive The Axe? 

Even after revealing how their algorithm works, TikTok is still being pushed to sell its assets to a US firm. Some people are of the idea that Facebook is behind TikTok’s ban to maintain Instagram’s dominance. With the executive order signed by President Trump a few days ago, TikTok has limited options. As you read this, Microsoft is said to be in talks with ByteDance to acquire TikTok. If this online service can agree to a deal with a US firm, then Instagram will have a formidable competitor.