While no single industry or marketplace has been created equal, there are some trends that run universally through each one. This is especially true in the modern age, in which customers have become accustomed to the seamless and efficient delivery of products and services.

Thanks to Pharmacy2U, this type of delivery model is now revolutionising healthcare in the UK. Under the guidance of new chairman Andy Hornby, the brand has grown exponentially in recent times and is now the biggest virtual pharmacy in the whole of Great Britain.

The Model Behind the Business: How Has Pharmacy2U Grown and Changed the Marketplace 

In simple terms, Pharmacy2U is a private sector business that is operated by fully qualified pharmacists and from fully-regulated premises. The key to its success lies primarily with the unique business and delivery model that underpins the brand, which provides a unique service to customers throughout the UK.

The brand has built partnerships with more than 300 NHS GP surgeries nationwide, while back in 2011 it turned over annual sales of £20 million. It’s core offering is a managed prescription service that is delivered directly to consumers, who will no longer need to make repeated trips to their local chemist to collect remedies. Instead, Pharamacy2U liaises with doctors and general practitioners to manage and fulfil prescriptions online, before delivering these directly to patients at their registered home addresses.

This type of delivery model is indicative of the digital age, where online brands continue to package and ship goods directly to their customers. It is revolutionising the healthcare industry, however, while it is also thought that the model and growth of Pharmacy2U will provide stern competition to Boots both at home and abroad. Much of this is due to the outlook and ambition of Mr. Hornby, who previously worked at Boots and played a key strategic role in helping the brand to expand their operations overseas.

The Last Word 

For now, Pharamacy2U are sticking exclusively to the UK market, as they continue to dominate and bring their direct delivery service to the healthcare sector. There is no doubt that Mr. Hornby’s expertise and the brands unique value proposition make for a compelling commercial prospect, and one that would prosper just as much abroad as it has at home.

This underlines the exciting future that awaits Pharmacy2U, both as a successful private business and a trail-blazer for the healthcare sector as a whole. We should also celebrate the benefits for patients in the UK, particularly those who struggle with mobility and have historically been forced to leave their home to collect prescriptions.