You’re already acutely aware of how long and complex the data center sales cycle can be. The sales funnel is full of crude oil, not water. 

Deals unfold over months or even years, with a lot of budget invested into the nurturing and education of any given lead. Some of this is automated, but a lot of it still takes place in person-to-person conversations and email strings.

The right data center is a competitive advantage that makes the prospecting and sales process easier for literally every level of your organization.

Here’s how.

Your Sales Team

It all starts here. The right software helps you increase sales efficiency with professional quoting solutions and you will reap the benefits almost immediately. You will be able to send better and more detailed quotes, in far less time and through far less effort than ever before. Simply put, your sales team can spend more time closing deals and less time preparing quotes.

They are empowered to:

  • Generate or change a detailed quote in seconds
  • Find what they need and search your facilities much faster
  • Sort any queries by specs and applicable service providers

Your Channel Managers

According to a recent survey by Hubspot, the 3 biggest sales challenges facing today’s companies are:

  1. Closing more deals (28%)
  2. Improving sales funnel efficiency (18%)
  3. Improving sales technology (11%)

The good news is that if you take care of the third item, it will help you achieve the other two. Improving your sales technology is a massive step forward to closing more deals and improving sales funnel efficiency.

The right data center software can also help your channel managers qualify and nurture your leads in a more efficient way, with far less effort being invested on time-wasting top-of-funnel prospects.

Your team can get to the more important conversations in less time, while ensuring that a sales prospect is buy-ready and buy-qualified, with the people and infrastructure on their side of things to ensure a good fit. You can now ensure nobody’s time is being wasted. 

The right software also gives your channel managers the analytic tools they need to monitor the channel’s activity to spot trends, issues, or new opportunities.

Your Onboarding/ Coaches/ Customer Service Staff

The benefits of your data center software extend all the way to your coaches or onboarding team. 

A frictionless onboarding is the first step in converting a new customer into a passionate advocate. First and foremost, a smoother sales process leads to a better onboarding process. The perfect fit has been ensured and the client should be excited to get started. They want to see the shortest possible time-to-value for their investment.

Your business is complex and dynamic, but your basic needs are simple and static. Give us the tools we need to prospect leads, qualify them, nurture them, close them, and onboard them as quickly as possible so we can move onto the next opportunity as quickly as possible.

The right data center software will help you do all of the above and more.