As we step further into the information age and new possibilities are unlocked through advancements in online communications, the very nature of shopping is changing rapidly. In fact, ecommerce has transformed into a behemoth of an industry with worldwide retail ecommerce sales reaching an impressive $1.915 billion last year. Of course, these changes have also upended industries like weddings since people are now able to design and order designer brides’ dresses at the touch of a button and for a fraction of the price it would cost in-house.

Matching Expectations and Reality For Clothing Online

Just a few decades ago, the idea of ordering a wedding dress online would have appeared as a preposterous idea due to the liabilities associated with such a method. Back then it would have been hard to wrap your head around the logistics of the arrangement. Questions like how a merchant would receive, coordinate, and personalize an order for a wedding dress reveal the biggest roadblocks to such a method.

However, despite the massive advances in technology in the past few decades, a good proportion of people have clung on to these traditional feelings of skepticism about receiving orders for significant items online. For instance, when buying clothes or more random items used hockey skates online, people are often hesitant about purchases because they are unsure if the item they buy will fit them well and worried about having to go through the trouble of return shipping an item.

The truth of the situation is that online suppliers of clothes nowadays are very accurate and spot on with their estimates, measurements, and their ultimate delivery of a product. Interestingly enough, on threads about obtaining the perfect fit when buying online, one of the most prominent pieces of advice is to get a professional to measure you. This indicates that problems are more likely to arise from a personal misunderstanding of sizes rather than a manufacturing or shipping error on the part of the suppliers.

The Impact of Dropshipping On Suppliers

A trending method used by many online retailers to refine their supply side approach to business is the utilization of dropshipping. Drop shipping differs from traditional supply side approaches because it cuts out intermediaries and connects the customer directly to a supplier through a website that they order through. Further, ecommerce outlets do not hold any of the materials in stock or inventory which reduces costs and gives more responsibility to suppliers.

While this arrangement may seem inconvenient for some industries, it’s actually a perfect match for the clothing industry as it globalizes because it strengthens demand signals. If there are too many intermediaries between a supplier and a customer, the market tends to display something called the bullwhip effect. Much like a game of telephone, the original message or the original demand signal becomes distorted and confused as it travels upstream.

But drop shipping minimizes the problems associated with a long supply chain since the requests for something like a custom bridesmaid dress are displayed exactly as the supplier of those products intends them to be displayed in an online catalog. In a way, the customer is virtually interacting with the supplier in a direct way. After the customer decides on a design, the key function of the ecommerce agent is to simply relay the message and the order to the supplier.

The responsibility of fulfilling and shipping the customer’s order falls on the supplier, who has more specialized and extensive knowledge about the product. Instead of having to contact various sources to get a product put together and then stocked, dropshipping connects the customer directly with the professionals that are putting together a dress. This strengthened demand signal makes online shopping for weddings both feasible and affordable in practice.

The Benefits of Getting A Dress Online

Getting a dress online allows you a huge number of benefits. First, you don’t have to spend countless hours driving to a physical location, getting fitted, and then checking out how you look in the mirror. You can instantly choose from a catalogue of thousands of intricate and personalizable design.

If that’s not enough to convince you about the merits of ordering online, getting a dress from online is also significantly cheaper than getting one in a brick and mortar store. Often, you are able to get a stylish and fashionable wedding dress online for half the price of what you would spend getting the same dress in a store, and some decent wedding dresses are even on sale for less than $100.

Finally, the convenience of getting your wedding dress delivered whenever and wherever your want is huge. You can be exploring or spending a long vacation somewhere right before your wedding and get your wedding dress that you decided on before shipped in time if your circumstances demanded it. With the ubiquity of the Internet, we are now able to decide and order things reliably at the touch of a button.