In the modern era of online shopping, people can buy what they want from anywhere in the world. But, the online marketplace is becoming frustrating for those trying to purchase limited-availability products due to the rise of bots and scalpers. This has led to an increase in the industry of residential and ticketing proxies, anti-bot software, and more to fight back against scalper bots. Metrow, and other proxies are allowing people to regain control of their purchasing by offering residential ticketing proxies for multiple account management and more. 

The Damage of Ticket Scalpers

Since the 1800s, ticket scalpers have been trying to turn a profit by buying tickets and other products to resell them later for higher prices. As ticket sales moved online, so did scalpers. Now, ticket scalpers use ticket bots to buy tickets en masse before people can buy them for themselves. The scalper bots can complete the purchasing process much faster than any human. Then, the tickets can be resold on other platforms for inflated costs. This scalping is spreading into other industries as well, making these bots a potential threat to consumers as either you will not be able to buy the product you want, or you will have to pay higher rates for them.

Modern Realities of Ticket Proxies 

Scalpers’ use of bots is affecting more industries than just the events industry. While event sales have historically been targets for scalping, other industries are starting to feel these effects as well. For example, sneakers and computer parts are often in limited supply, adding to their value while also making them appealing for scalpers and resellers. Sneakers and PC parts are among some of the valuable physical products that scalpers are now buying to turn a profit.

Sneakerheads and Sneaker Bots

Sneakers are another target of scalping bots; these unique bots are called sneaker bots as they target the shoe industry. Popular sneakers and limited-edition sneakers are bought in bulk by these bots and then resold for inflated costs. Due to the limited supply of collector shoes and the control that scalpers can have over the market, average sneakerheads will have no chance at buying shoes themselves. Sneakerheads have few choices besides using proxies to automate their purchases, giving them a chance to buy the newest sneakers on the market without overpaying resellers.

PC Parts

Many people choose to build their PCs themselves so that they can personalize the computer to their exact preferences, needs, and specifications. The newest, state-of-the-art PC parts are often in limited supply for the growing market of computer builders. So, bots are being used to buy up all the cutting-edge parts. This way, resellers can gain a profit on the needs of PC builders. This is making it progressively more difficult for people to get the parts they need, when they need them, and within budget. 

This is not limited just to PC parts; bots are being used more and more to buy up any valuable retail product. Then, the product is resold on sites like eBay and Craigslist. It is a very valuable market to be in as Scalpers can sell millions of dollars in products at highly inflated costs. As products are being sold by specialized companies, it is valuable for scalpers to use purchasing bots to take advantage of the consumer. 

Purchasing and Ticketing Proxies

How can people fight back against the growing industry of purchasing bots and online resellers? Retailers are doing all they can to prevent the use of these purchasing bots and scalpers. One thing people can do is use a virtual purchasing proxy. Some proxies are specialized by industry, just like the bots that are buying up the supply. You can find companies that deal in ticketing proxies, sneaker proxies, and any other type of purchasing proxy. Most of these proxies are a form of residential proxy. This allows the average consumer to benefit, like the scalpers that are using bots to buy in bulk. This is helping consumers even the playing field. 


The rise of virtual ticket and product scalping has created a struggle for some customers. Despite attempts from retailers to keep the market fair, individuals like PC builders, sneakerheads, and event-goers can all struggle with the lack of availability online. In the future, you may even have to build a PC to run bots and proxies to buy parts to build a PC!

These changes are feeding the field of legal, residential and ticketing proxies like Metrow to help buyers compete with limits and bots. These proxies allow consumers to make the purchases they want without losing out to scalpers and bots.