Roughly two months ago, the Netherlands passed the Remote Gambling Act, allowing online betting on games of chance within the realms of sports and casino games, which is a sharp turn from the monopoly held by Holland Casino in the years prior.

Why the Remote Gambling Act was passed

The Netherlands has always had very strict policies when it comes to the gambling market by not allowing foreign betting companies to advertise their businesses or offer their services within the country. This had essentially placed Holland Casino as ‘the sole stakeholder’ in the entirety of the Dutch Online Casino Market.

However, while the Netherlands could control who operates within their own borders, what they couldn’t control is who – or what – leaks to the outside world. More enticing games and a wider variety of opportunities soon had players seek out to put their hard-earned money in the pockets of international competitors from the comfort of their own homes. In order to overturn the trend, the Netherlands had to act fast and welcome the foreign market without losing control.

The middle ground? Allowing more international operators from the online gambling space to market and sell within the country should they obtain the Netherlands Gambling License. With a license, online casinos are able to promote bonuses, like no deposit bonus and free spins.

The outcome and current state of the Dutch Casino Market

In 2019, the remote gambling bill was adopted by the Senate, and the setup of the licensing process was set into motion. The first applications were possible within Spring of 2021, and those who obtained the license could officially start providing their services as of October.

The Igaming policy and regulations for obtaining the license remain strict, including offering proof of long-term financial business stability, providing a detailed description of all games offered, incorporating one’s company into the Netherlands, using a monitored transit server, and being compliant with audits on a regular basis. As a result, only 10 applicants passed the first round of licensing.

Will Online Gambling be profitable in the Netherlands?

The total fees for obtaining the license and kicking off operations as a remote gambling business on Dutch grounds will average 150k EUR, which already promises a faster ROI than in most other EU countries. Not only that, but the socio-economic and political stability in the Netherlands makes it a very fruitful and appealing ground with long-term prospects for sustainable profit growth within the industry.