We all take websites seriously because we all know how effective they are when it comes to our success. But, do we take every aspect of our website seriously? The answer, in my opinion, is no. Like all trends and fashions, websites go through stages where certain aspects are more important than others. I don’t need to tell you how much emphasis the industry places on SEO at the moment. And, as a result, we all forget about features such as web design.

Sure, web design is always in our minds at some stage because we need to create a site to get off the ground. However, most of us fly through the process to get to the juicy bits. Here’s why I think that’s wrong and why we should take design more seriously.


Okay, you got me – SEO is important! In fact, it is one of the most important aspects of any website. It is not hard to see why it can work so effectively and transform a site. In basic terms, it is free advertising that raises the awareness and appeal of a brand. But, where does web design come into play? Google is the king of SEO, and they point out in their guidelines that we need to use responsive sites. If we don’t, they won’t rank us as highly and the site will suffer.

Increase In Sales

Remember that customers put a lot of emphasis on looks. It may sound superficial but it is true, and we want to take advantage. Bearing that in mind, customers will not use sites that they don’t like the look of. On a more important note, the right web design reaches out to bigger audiences. Most websites are still made with desktops in mind. However, the majority of web users surf the Internet with a mobile device. The layout and the aesthetics of both are very different, which means we may be excluding a big source of income. By addressing the issue of image, we can appeal to a wider audience.

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Lower Bounce Rate

The key to creating an effective site is to get people to stay and make a conversion. But, we cannot achieve this goal if users bounce as soon as they see the page. Consumers can bounce for a lot of reasons, yet the main reason is aesthetics. The site’s looks are the first thing they see when they click on the page, so they will use them to make a judgement. If they don’t like what they see, they will click off and go elsewhere.

Easier To Maintain

A site that already looks the part is a site that doesn’t need much attention. Of course, we need to maintain our sites on a regular basis. But, we don’t want to have to deal with major issues every time we take inventory. By designing a great website to begin with, we don’t have to worry about maintenance problems.

I hope this post is of some use. In my view, the key to success is education, so posts like this can be instrumental in success.