You’re keeping burglars at bay with fire alarms, hackers out of your network with Norton and vandals off your property with security guards – but how are you going to stop dear old Mother Nature reaping her havoc?

Indeed, it might not seem like a pressing concern, but thousands of businesses are affected every year by fires or flooding. You could wander in one day and find you workplace looking more flameand flood-ridden than a biblical epic.


There are, however, tons of ways to make your work premises safe and secure against any eco-disasters. Mother Nature might be impossible to control, but that doesn’t mean you’re stranded.

Follow these tips and you’ll never have to worry about a Book of Revelations-type assault on your office.

Beef up your walls

As you grind through your day in the office, you’re probably not looking for weak spots in your walls. But if flames come knocking instead of clients, they’ll plough through those perishable plasterboards like a cleaver through warm butter.

However, your workplace doesn’t have to be held hostage to poor construction. If you invest in fireproofing your walls with products like Durasteel, you can guarantee four hours of protection from those flickering flames – plenty of time to give the emergency services a call.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself

You might think you’ve got every unsafe nook and cranny locked down like a gangster-run high-rise, but only the professionals can really scrutinise the success of your security endeavours.

The art of security and safety isn’t easy, but there are a number of fully-licensed experts who will scour your premises for any flaws, including the potential for leaky pipes or fire hazards.

For added impact, make sure your safety inspection is undergone during working hours – your employees will get no end of reassurance knowing their workplace is completely safe.

Keep your staff in the loop

You might know your business is safe and secure, but do your employees?

If a fire breaks out and you haven’t briefed your employees on what to do, you’re not just breaking the law – you’re putting lives at risk.

More than this, what better way is there for employees to ensure a fire doesn’t break out than having them know exactly what dangers a fire poses?

Ultimately, your staff are the frontline between you and a mega-disaster. So tool them up with knowledge and those acts of nature won’t stand a chance.