Data visualization is a term that can be used to describe any attempt to help users understand the significance of data by having it in a visual context. Correlations, patterns, as well as trends that could go undetected in the text form can be identified and understood easily with a data visualization software.

Importance of data visualization

Data visualization is slowly becoming a de facto standard for the current business intelligence. In fact, almost all business intelligence software come with strong data visualization capabilities. Data visualization tools are important in democratizing analytics and data and rendering data-driven insights that become available to all workers within the organization. The tools are easy to use compared to the conventional statistical analysis software or previous versions of business intelligence software. Data visualization tools are also important in big data as well as advanced analytics projects. As businesses expanded and gathered huge troves of data in the early stages of big data trends, they needed a method to effortlessly and quickly view their data. Then, data visualization tools became a natural fit.

Become a data-driven firm with Toucan

Toucan Toco specializes in the development of data visualization program solutions for businesses to enable them make better decisions. Toucan also offers Small Apps on their business dashboard that are able to evaluate, correlate, and visualize human resources, financial data, sales, and marketing through their mobile phones. Toucan’s mission is to tell businesses of their performance through Data Storytelling and interactive data.

Toucan Toco’s 5 Pillars

  • Accessibility: it’s accessible on mobile phones, PC and tablet. A published business dashboard is available on all supports.
  • Easy setup: at the heart of Toucan’s DNA is an agile methodology that stems from the methodology SCRUM that allows businesses to work in iterations. Therefore, it’s possible to industrialize and produce a project in 2 or 3 months.
  • Simple and exceptional UX

at the heart of the Toucan Toco’s strategy is the concern and care of the end user experience. The exceptional end-user experience is intuitive all thanks to Toucan’s data storytelling. We develop stories from your data to add some meaning to the reading of the user, counting on the job in the company and its positioning.

  • Embedded into your information system: Toucan aggregates all the data coming from your information databases and systems. Therefore, coming up with a way to connect flat files, (Excel, Csv) and IT environment simultaneously on the app.
  • Toucan serves your operational excellence: Toucan offers collaborative tools in their software, such as messages, glossaries, chats, recommendation, and above all, extract possibilities, such as mails and PDF.

Data visualization software allows any user to choose the most appropriate way of presenting their data, but the software automates this option. Some tools within the software interpret the shape of the data and identifies the correlations between selected variables and places the discoveries into a chart type that the software establishes is optimal. This is how a data visualization software works.