When people typically review a line of mobile devices, it is with entertainment in mind. How clear will my media look? How seamless will its performance be? With Samsung’s new Galaxy family ad “Movie Magic”, the tech giant humorously demonstrates Samsung’s creative applications, through the efforts of a fictional indie filmmaker, making her first movie with friends, strangers, and homemade special effects.

The strength of the ad is that it is so much fun to watch. But it also tells a real story. People all over the world are using Samsung products to create short and even long-form media. It has been a process of entertainment production that has democratized creativity. Today it is very possible to produce a feature length production using nothing but the tools available through the Samsung Galaxy line.

The ad demonstrates how this might work. Storyboards are reviewed through the Tab, Samsung’s 10.5” tablet. Music is played through the Note Edge. Scenes are filmed on the Note. Casting videos are reviewed on the Tab’s convenient mobile display. And scenes are edited on numerous devices. Because the Galaxy family of products are all mutually integrated and compatible, the sharing of images and direction is a seamless process for creative individuals.

This approach to advertising a bunch of media products is truly refreshing. Instead of showing us new ways to amuse ourselves, distancing us from the world and those around us, Samsung is suggesting new ways to interact with the world and with our friends. The tech giant is creating the tools of creativity, affordable to the general consumer but of sufficient quality to produce and impactful product. Creatives will find much to love about each one of these products, but will likely want to have them all. With each offering unique capabilities to bring to the table, the creative potential of the Samsung Galaxy family is endless.