Today’s world which is all about speed dating, we have tons of online dating sites and other similar platforms. LuckyCrush, on the other hand, is a completely fresh and engaging way through which you can video chat with random people of the opposite gender live. All this makes LuckyCrush a platform of live video chat for straight adult people.

LuckyCrush offers its user an easy and safe way through which they can connect with random people i.e. guys are only matched with girls and girls are matched with guys only as the advanced algorithm of the platform ensures this. Moreover, users can chat and write to each other during their live video chat as well, as they get to see each other via their webcams. If the partner that you are matched with is not that interesting or you are not happy with them, you also get the option to instantly change your partner with just a simple click.  Although, if both the partners are interested in each other they can talk with each other for hours as there is no time restriction on this. 

LuckyCrush can not be misinterpreted as a dating site, as you only get to chat with the person that you are interested in for a limited span of time, making LuckyCrush a purely ephemeral experience. You never get to meet the person that you are talking to physically, or none of your personal information is shared on the website or in your profile as you video chat with any random person. All this ensures that users get a safe and virtual experience that starts and ends on the LuckyCrush website. 

There are certain things that make LuckyCrush a seamless and safe video chat platform. On LuckyCrush users have complete authority as they decide themselves to show their face or not. Moreover, during your video chat session, your username is the only thing that is visible to your partner that is how your anonymity is protected as you chat. Lastly, all the users are strictly prohibited to share any of their personal information with their partners. 

In order to make sure that guys are only matched with girls and vice versa, the registrations of  LuckyCrush are regulated so that there are 50% of male users and 50% female users are there all the time. The main focus of the LuckyCrush team is to ensure that you get the very best live chat experience there and the waiting time is minimal as you pair with your partner. Overall, LuckyCrush provides you with a virtual live video chat platform where you can flirt and meet new people. Keeping in mind the current lockdown situation, LuckyCrush has witnessed a 50% increase with their registrations as you can not meet other people in real life. 

LuckyCrush is easy to use the platform, that is available for both desktop and mobile users and has over 1 million members from more than 100 different countries. You just have to visit the LuckyCrush websites to start your live chat session. There is no need to download any app or software for this. 

It is quite easy to use LuckyCrush as you just have to open the website, choose your gender, and click on the “Start Searching” button that can find on your screen. Thereafter, you can browse through different partners until you find someone you are interested in. Moreover, you can also try LuckyCrush to browse through a few different partners before you are asked to registered for the online live video chat platform. 


Why LuckyCrush is only designed for straight people, not for the LGBT community?

Since the current technology and features that are there on the platforms are only optimized for straight people, in order to make sure that there is an equal number of male and female members on the platform. However, LuckyCrush might launch a dedicated chat site for the LGBT community soon. 

Final Verdict

LuckyCrush is a fun and safe online video chat website, that connects you with people of different genders, as you get to chat with them online.