Now summer is well and truly here, many of us are looking forward to a break. Some time away from work or school, to relax, see the sights and get some sun. Your summer vacation is also an excellent chance to escape the stresses of everyday life and so you may be tempted to avoid technology as much as possible. However, this could be a mistake. Far from stressing you out, technology can enhance a vacation. Especially if you pack the right gadgets. So, whether you are heading out on an adventure vacation, a beach break, or camping with the kids, here is what you need.

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Portable Charger

Unless you are camping (in which case this is even more essential!) you’ll probably be able to plug your phone and other devices in at your accommodation. But, what about when you are our and about? You’ll want to check in, talk to your friends, take some photos and Instagram everything. Your battery won’t be able to cope with these demands so make sure you pack a portable cell phone charger.


Even if you plan to avoid social media and work emails while you are away, it’s a good idea to take your smartphone. Today’s smartphones do everything, so you can use yours as a backup camera, music player and of course, to keep in touch with home. At the very least it’s good for emergencies.


While smartphone cameras are fantastic, if you are going away nothing beats a proper camera for getting the best shots to remember your trip by. Look at the best DSLRs or compact system cameras to find something to suit both your needs and budget.

Smart Suitcase or Lock

A smart suitcase has inbuilt GPS, which means you will always know where it is and don’t need to worry about it getting lost. They can also be controlled via an app on your phone, so it can tell you how much your case weighs and keep thieves out with a digital lock. It’ll even charge your phone.

If you don’t want the expense of a smart case, just go for a smart padlock which opens using an app, meaning you won’t need to worry about keys.

Bluetooth Speakers

What could be better than sitting out in the sunshine, enjoying a drink and your favorite food while listening to some great summer tunes? Bluetooth speakers mean you can listen to music from your devices wherever you are. There are many lightweight, easily portable options available.

Mobile Wi-Fi

Roaming charges can get ridiculously expensive. Especially if you are planning a longer trip. Mobile Wi-Fi means you won’t need to rely on your data to stay connected.


Reading on vacation is a wonderful way to relax and escape real life. However, packing enough books for the trip can be tricky. An e-reader is a perfect way to make sure you’ve got everything you need without sacrificing half of your packing allowance.

With so many gadgets and technologies available it can be tough to know what to take and what to leave behind. These gadgets will help you to have a fun and stress-free vacation without taking up too much space in your case.