Getting your marketing plan right is one of the best things you can do to ensure the success of your business. You can have the best product or service in the world, but if nobody gets to hear about it, then you’ll never make any money. There are many different aspects to creating a great marketing plan, which is why it can be helpful to break them down into smaller chunks. If you focus on just the written part of your marketing plan as a starting point, then the whole thing will feel far less overwhelming and you’ll therefore be much more likely to get it done. Here are some tips on which written pieces should form the basis of your marketing plan and how to write good ones.

Press Release

Keep your press release concise, or nobody will have the space to print it

If you’re right at the start of your business journey then you’ll definitely be in need of a press release, but even those who are a little way, or even a long way in already could benefit from one. It could be that you’re launching a new product or service, planning on moving your retail premises, or doing some charity work. Whatever your business is up to outside of its normal remit is probably press release worthy, do it wouldn’t hurt to write one. There’s a fine art to writing a great press release and it might be that you choose to get a professional to help you. If you do decide to go it alone then remember that above all a press release has to be three things; concise, clear and captivating. Your press release will need concise, that is to be short enough to not take up too much valuable ad space, clear, that is anybody reading it should understand the message fully by the end, and captivating, once somebody starts reading, they’re guaranteed to want to finish. If you remember the 3 C’s then you’ll be well on your way to having a great press release.

Now that the hard part of writing your press release is done, you’ll need to work on your press release distribution system. Depending on the size of your business this could vary hugely, from a one-person operation simply emailing it out to local newspapers, to a whole team working on making sure your press release reaches the biggest names. A press release can only do its job if it’s printed, 


A good review is an incredibly useful thing and it’s up to you to make the most of each and every one. Ask your customers if they’ll leave you a review, Google Business is a great place for them. As well as that, testimonial videos are hugely popular at the moment and would fit perfectly into a dedicated testimonials page on your website. You can use video, image, or just text, but try to collate them all in one space so that it’s easy for your customers to view.

As well as customer reviews, a professionally written review could do wonders for your online business, particularly those written by experts in their field. The iGaming sector is a great place to look for examples of well-written reviews. Vegas Slots Online specialises in writing reviews for the online casino industry. Their reviews are totally independent from each site and feature a wide range of different attributes that all affect the score of each casino. For example, each site is marked on the variety of games that they offer, the deposit and withdrawal methods that are offered to customers and the safety and security features that they boast. This means that when a customer looks through the list they can choose to pick a casino at a glance, based on their ‘out of five’ rating, or look more in-depth at the specifics as provided by the reviewing company. 

Blog Posts

The final written part of your marketing plan should be a regularly updated blog on your own website. You might think that there’s nothing to blog about as far as your business is concerned, but if you are struggling for topics then look at the websites of your competitors. A blog on your website means that you can boost your search engine ranking, by ensuring your website is regularly updated and features plenty of information that relates to your business. Not only should you write unique and engaging content on your blog posts, you should also be sure to include links to trustworthy sources. If you start to enjoy your blog writing then try guest blogging on other sites. Always remember to include a link to your own website when you’re guest blogging.