The Olympic Games are the main start in the life of any athlete. It is no wonder that all sportsmen invest a lot of time and effort in preparation for such an important event in their professional career. And if you add a good dose of adrenaline and Olympic spirit to one hundred per cent physical readiness, you can get a recipe for a successful performance with entry into the record book. In this post, we will talk about the most amazing records of the Olympic Games and the most outstanding athletes that have definitely become a part of the history of this competition.

#1 – Kim Woo Jin and His 72 Arrows

The first world record at the Olympics was set even before the official opening ceremony of the Games. In the preliminary competitions of archery, where the participants simply allocated places in the playoffs of the individual tournament, the representative of South Korea, Kim Woo Jin, did something impossible. All of his 72 arrows landed in the top ten sectors. This is an absolute result that can only be repeated but cannot be beaten in any way. 

Kim Woo Jin improved the previous world achievement of his compatriot Lim Dong Hyun by one point. The latter has set his record at the Olympic competitions four years before (in London in 2012). As for Kim Woo Jin, he won a gold medal in the team tournament as part of his national team in Rio de Janeiro. However, in the individual competitions, the South Korean athlete lost in the 1/16 finals. 

#2 – Adam Petey and His Swimming “Talents”

After the cancellation of high-tech overalls in 2009, swimmers began to overtake the stopwatch. And a few believed in the further progress of swimming. Before each new start, bets were made at a paypal casino Canada, and people were trying to guess who would be able to break the world record. Nowadays, it is enough to pick the event for betting and look for the best casino at to make a winning bet. 

Every time the record holders were surprised by their results. In Rio, they started the race for records back in the qualifying heats of the first day of the competition. Of course, there were many skeptics who believe that the organizers of the Olympic Games are to blame again. They allegedly built a pool with lanes 2 cm shorter than the 50-meter Olympic standard.

Nevertheless, all seven records have been ratified here. Two of them belong to Briton Adam Peaty. The athlete was the first in the 100m breaststroke (57.55 in the preliminary heat and 57.13 in the final). The rest of the prominent athletes are women: 

  • The Australian relay team (4×100 freestyle, 3.30.65);
  • The Swedish Sara Siestreem (100 and butterfly, 55.48);
  • The American Katie Ledecky (400 and 800 m crawl, 3.56.46 and 8.04.79, respectively):
  • The Hungarian Katinka Hosshu (400 m in complex, 4.26.36). 

But it is the “Iron Lady” from Hungary (Katinka Hosshu) who deserves special attention. She chased this record for seven years and finally achieved her goal.

#3 – Special “Records”

In track and field athletics, Polish athlete Anita Wlodarczyk improves her results with enviable consistency. In Rio, she threw a hammer at 82.29 m, breaking her own achievement in 2015 (81.08 m). Although it’s not about seconds at all, it was the fastest record ever. 

At the same time, Ethiopian Almaz Ayana won the gold medal in the 10,000-meter race, finishing in 29 minutes, 17.45 seconds. The previous record-holder, Chinese Wang Junxia, was photographed against the background of a scoreboard with the letters WR back in 1993 (29.31.78).

#4 – 26 Medals for the Famous Swimmer 

At the Games in Rio, American swimmer Michael Phelps once again took gold, confirming his status as a legend and breaking all world records for the number of Olympic medals. He now has 26 medals, and 22 of them are gold. Until 2012, the world record for the number of medals belonged to the great Soviet artistic gymnast Larisa Latynina.

The American swimmer, nicknamed the Baltimore Bullet, is the only 22-time Olympic champion in the history of the sport, 26-time world champion in a 50-meter pool. The absolute record holder for the number of awards in the history of the Olympic Games. Michael Phelps was disqualified for smoking marijuana in 2009 and wanted to retire in 2012. However, he returned for the Rio Olympics and made the right decision.

#5 – Weide van Niekerk and His Unexpected Win

But the most unexpected champion and record holder was the South African athlete Weide van Niekerk. He ran on the eighth track, which was considered the most uncomfortable. But this circumstance did not prevent him from winning the 400 m race with a score of 43.03 seconds. The record at this distance was held since 1999 and belonged to the American Michael Johnson (43.18). It’s funny, but van Niekerk was coached by his own grandmother, who is already 74 years old. And it looks like the old woman knows a lot about running.

#6 – Paavo Nurmi and 12 Medals in His Pocket

Paavo Nurmi is one of the most successful male athletes, one of four (and since 2012 – five) athletes who have won 9 Olympic gold medals. The athlete has 3 more silver in his piggy bank. Paavo Nurmi participated in the 1920, 1924, and 1928 Olympics. Interestingly, the sportsman was part of a brilliant group of Finnish middle, and long-distance runners dubbed the Flying Finns.