Though currently traversing troublesome times, the HTC smartphone brand has been with us since the very earliest days of Android and commercial handset ownership. Originally manufacturing mobile devices for others, HTC quickly grew to be a mobile brand recognised globally for solid design and functional user interfaces. From the HTC Magic in 2009, the phone which helped build HTC’s identity, to the U11+ with its striking colours and impressive specs, HTC has been on one hell of a ride in recent decades. 

It could be said that HTC is a great example of how a global brand propelling quickly toward almost unimaginable success can be very quickly thrown off track. In 2019 the firm struggled to sell a million handsets domestically, a dismal performance in the grand scheme of things. With that being said, there remains millions of HTC smartphones in the retail market, both first and second hand. A large number of consumers across the globe, though they may struggle in the UK, still opt for HTC handsets, whether these are purchased, or inherited, out of necessity or desire.

If you’re one of these people who still own an HTC smartphone, have plans to purchase one shortly, or are considering selling your device, there’s a money-saving secret that you need to know before you do any of the aforementioned. A great deal of these HTC devices, owned or in the second-hand market, are locked to a network and therein lies a problem. Whether you plan to keep or sell, you’ll want to Unlock HTC smartphones before doing either. 

The list of reasons to unlock is as long as my arm, in this brief guide we’ve laid out three of the main money-saving reasons to unlock your device whatever your situation or intentions with the device itself.

The Cost Of Travelling

It wasn’t too long ago when the prospect of travelling abroad was out of reach for the vast majority of people around the globe. Those fortunate enough to travel were either particularly well off or had saved for some time. Fast forward two decades and travelling has never been easier. Thousands of flights a day cover the entire globe, wherever your destination it’s affordable for almost everybody within reason. Business travel has also become the norm for many, as companies become multinational and the global economy expands, several people find their roles spanning multiple borders. 

As we become more dependent on our mobiles phone, travelling frequently presents a problem. The notorious roaming charge. Travelling with a locked device requires the user to subject themselves to whatever roaming charge the network offers, in some cases that may favour you, in others, it results in disastrously high bills. However, with an unlocked device, those travelling, frequent or not, can simply purchase a local SIM, plug it into their device, and use their phone as normal, making the most of local data costs via the local SIM.

Trading in Your Device

If you’ve had enough of your HTC device and want to sell up and swap to another manufacturer, the second-hand smartphone market is booming. Although device owners are keeping their mobiles a little longer than before, there’s still a great deal of devices trades in daily.

The modern customer is savvy and wants the best possible deal, they’re aware of the benefits to unlocked devices and will pay more for the luxury of buying one. Unlocked HTC devices sell for around 20-30% more than locked devices, they also sell quicker and are attractive to more customers. I recently recycled my mobile to purchase a new release, I received £54 more once it was unlocked than I would have previously been offered, this is more than double what it cost me on DirectUnlocks to unlock.

Saving Money On Data

Network contracts are more popular than ever, with device prices rising and the demand for new technology bigger than ever, the average consumer is struggling to purchase new devices outright. The network contract offers these buyers the opportunity to spread this cost over several years. While this may seem great, it comes with issues. One being the devices offered are almost always locked to that specific network. The second that the data and usage offering is usually overpriced compared to the deals available in the growing SIM-only market. 

We rely on our devices more than ever, particularly when it comes to data usage. The majority of the apps we use are data-heavy, resulting in the need for a large amount of data. Unlocking your device, whether paid for or not, gives you access to purchase a SIM-only contract, making the most of cheap deals. This may reduce your monthly cost substantially. 

So whether you plan to purchase an HTC mobile in future or have a device you intend to sell, unlocking your device is a money-saving secret you need to know.