Selling space for digital adverts is not relevant anymore as such strategy is very ineffective, and there are much better options now. Virtual advertisers of the modern era offer ad impressions to customers instead. These impressions are the times that target consumers see an advertisement online, and programmatic advertising is what relies heavily on the impressions. One of the main things that power programmatic advertising is the supply side platforms. Together with the demand side platforms, they create an ecosystem that makes programmatic advertisement possible and so efficient. Learning about these platforms is the key to gaining a better understanding of programmatic advertising and benefitting from it greatly.

What Does a Supply Side Platform Mean?

An SSP platform is a type of software used by digital advertisers to sell ad impressions online, manage the advertisements to improve their coverage, and process the data received from the ads. Such a platform is like a program with a user interface and handy features that help with managing the ads, their format, price, target audience, etc. Since such advertising involves real-time bidding, supply side platforms allow ad publishers to receive the highest revenue possible from every single piece by agreeing to the best price offered by the buyers.

Are DSP and SSP Different?

Some might ask which one is better, a supply side platform or a demand side platform, but they do not go against each other as each one has an entirely different role. To put it simple, they have similarities, but SSPs exist for ad publishers, and DSPs are meant for advertisers. With a supply side platform, it becomes easy for advertisement publishers to sell the ad inventory to DSPs swiftly and connect it to a variety of networks at the same time. The ads are then processed automatically with the process of programmatic advertising, and they connect with the necessary platforms and target audiences instantly. The process of advertisement serving can be easily configured thanks to supply side platforms and their user interfaces.

The Benefits of Incorporating an SSP for Publishers

So, why is it so beneficial for publishers to use the supply side platforming? SSPs have a list of advantages that are incredibly helpful for modern programmatic advertisements:

  • Better profits: SSPs provide better opportunities of reaching numerous advertisers via all the possible networks and demand side platforms. The more advertisers want to buy the inventory, the better revenue is possible for publishers.
  • Automatic solutions: It is only necessary to configure all the settings for the ad placement through a supply side platform, and the program will do all the work then. With the right settings, all ad placements will be implemented automatically without any manual interventions.
  • Full ad management: Publishers have the ability to influence all aspects of the ads to make them exactly as they need to be. This involves their design, size, pricing, website placements, and more. These are the settings that can be adjusted easily by publishers.
  • Data collecting: With SSPs, it becomes incredibly easy to collect data about the ad performance. The information includes the average pricing for the inventory, people who place bids for ads, the overall performance of each advertisement, and so on. All this data can be received in regular reports for further examination.

The Way SSPs Operate

The inventory can be sold in a variety of methods, and the most common one is selling ads via real-time bidding. Here is how selling ads with SSPs works:

  • The ads become open for sale via a supply side platform;
  • Every time the webpage of the publisher is viewed, the advertisement exchanges, and demand side platforms receive requests via SSPs;
  • Through real-time bidding, bids are placed on ad impressions, and the highest bids win. The winners of these bids then display the ads to consumers;
  • The ad can be then transferred directly to the necessary webpage through the SSP to be demonstrated to the target audience.

Thanks to these easy solutions, it is so advantageous to involve programmatic advertising in your campaign. With this technology, it is possible to monetize online ads effectively and receive considerable profits.