In the last couple of months, Microsoft has been releasing a lot of builds. This has been probably necessitated by the coming on board of Chrome OS. The latest build, 16257, of window 10 is upon us. The brand is showing up to the party with an intention to maintain their position.

New Features

The latest MS build has some new and fascinating features that will revolutionise how we use our devices. Eye tracking which has been a subject of discussion at many forums has finally arrived. The functionality is still in Beta testing stage but it is here.

There are still many bugs to be fixed on the technology. But so far the system works by allowing users to move around the windows desktop set-up simply by looking (eyeballing) at the space. This improves accessibility of the OS. Everything nowadays is digital even canadian online casinos are now moving with technology.

How the System Works

The new set-up gives users an on-screen mouse and keyboard. To move the cursor all that is required is to look at the screen. Shape writing on the new keyboard makes it easy to type faster. This Swype style writing allows people to glance between the first and last letters as they type. Text-to-speech function is also a part of the new package.Currently, the only hardware supplier that Microsoft is working with on the eye tracking is Tobii.

Other new features in the newest build include the use of the Fluent Design System. Button animations also got a face lift.

Old Fixes

There are some fixes to the old builds that are coming. The most visible one would have to be the improvement of colour. The console now has full support for 24-bit RGB colour. This will make Windows more compatible with modern screens. Real money gambling will become more entertaining as dark colours become better looking.The edge browser also got an upgrade with windows search getting sorted. In the new build VPN App problems have also been fixed.