From the very beginning of humankind, space was a very much interesting matter for everyone. This curiosity drives people to learn about space and its vastness. The more we grow the more we learn. The same thing applies to space and astronomers. They are still calculating the diameter of the space just by various mathematical formulas but still, the conclusion is yet to come.

According to some astronomers, the diameter of the current universe is 23 trillion light-years and for your information, one light-year is equal to 5.8 trillion miles. However, this is not the exact size of the universe and the truth is that no one is capable of measuring the exact size of the current universe. To get an overall idea, it is to be said that it is so big that the light can’t reach the other end of the universe during the entire time period of the universe.

In order to get clues and solve the issues of mysterious space, major space agencies like NASA launched the Hubble Space Telescope three decades later. The capacity of the Hubble Space Telescope is to view the space and its objects of 95 billion light-years. This bus size telescope was launched with the aim to provide a clear picture of the space events.

In these three decades, the Hubble Space Telescope has sent a number of fascinating space images that were almost impossible to get from the land-based observatories. This was the first and major optical telescope that had launched to space and it has been serving humankind to a great extent by expanding the knowledge of the universe. However, the same telescope is going to be replaced by the Webb Space Telescope.

Dr. Steven Hawley who was one of the team members of the Hubble Space Telescope launch team says that “Hubble Space Telescope has been orbiting the world for 30 years.”

In an interview with Betway, he reveals that “Hubble Space Telescope was an outstanding innovation in the field of astronomy. It was developed and launched ahead of its time to provide solutions to the space and universe. It was the need of the time in that stage”

Dr. Hawley further reveals that his journey to space was such that, he never thought, it would be getting off from the ground”. He further says that “I was interested in the space program from the early days but I never imagined that one day I would be an astronomer.”

Reminding his joining day in NASA Dr. Hawley says that, He first saw a job advertisement from NASA on a bulletin board and from that day in the year 1977, his journey started towards stars.

“This was not a regular path from developing that massive telescope to commissioning and launching. This is because it was the first time such a space instrument was launched.” Dr. Hawley says in his interview.

“From the selection to training and taking part as a team member of Hubble Space Telescope, was an outstanding journey” he says.