Video advertising reaches new heights each year, smashing previous numbers in a seemingly unstoppable march toward profitability. One of the main drivers for this is the proliferation of video platforms online. Some are niche spaces that cater to small markets looking for high degrees of specificity, while others are giants that host content on every imaginable subject and get shared across all socials. 

While video consumption continues to increase, publishers must be aware of the benefits and results of ad monetization. Having video content that is frequently viewed or shared means monetizing your content with ads can offer significant revenue and growth opportunities for your business. Here are some ways that ad monetization can help publishers in any industry.

Drives More Revenue

This is arguably the most tangible benefit from ad monetization. Video advertising has grown so rapidly that it now makes up between 30% and 60% of all revenue for the largest social media platforms. This can also be seen in businesses and websites that leverage video advertising, which sees a relatively steady increase in overall revenue.

Reach Each User 

By monetizing your video content, you have the ability to reach every single device that views that content. By creating this barrier to your content, you are assured that users either pay or view an ad in order to see the video. Additional data suggests that users are more likely to engage with an ad at home, rather than on their mobile device. By having the opportunity to interact with each user, you gain a much more powerful position, particularly if your content is behind a paywall or ad reward.

Boost Your Audience

While nearly half of your average population doesn’t mind monetized videos, your subscription base may also be starting to feel the effects of subscription burnout or subscription fatigue. This means that they are beginning to migrate away from many of the ad-free subscriptions, and back into ad-supported or pay-per-view territory. This audience is an important market share to capture.

Improved Analytics

One of the greatest benefits of monetizing ads through an online video platform is that in many cases, you will be given an incredibly detailed analysis of the users as well as their activity. Many platforms will give you some measurements relating to various broad stroke metrics of your viewership, however, the best ones will provide you with a much greater level of detail. Depending on the video platform, you may also have uncollated data that you will need to personally analyze. Other platforms may do nearly all of the legwork for you, organizing, formatting, and explaining the data they have collected about your viewers. This can then be handed off to in-house analysts in some cases. Other platforms will handle all of that for you, simply presenting you with the end results, which should be what you would call “actionable insights”

Create Actionable Insights

The insights you gain by monetization are useful in a wide variety of ways. The most valuable of these will be actionable insights, that help guide you in content creation and product marketing going forward. The insights from your monetization can help you identify content that consistently performs well, as well as content that is not reaching your goals. You will be able to determine the geographical location of your viewers, helping you to create engaging content. Some platforms will even identify the devices most popular with your audience so that you can further adjust content. Ideal times and dates for advertising can also be determined, leading to less waste in your ad budget.