The gaming industry is progressing very rapidly along with the development of digital technology. The development in the world of gaming is not limited to technical aspects such as the speed of characters reacting to commands, the suitability of the forms of the characters with the original models, the more complex building structures displayed, the use of more diverse colors and so on. What’s interesting is how technological developments have included how the idea of a game is run.

Old ideas

Old gaming ideas are usually based on resistance to cyber forces, working together to fight an army of terrorists or polices, sports matches, war strategies and races. They are interesting and will always be interesting. But humans will never be satisfied, as well as millions of game maniacs.

Pokemon GO as a pioneer

Pokemon GO is a very unique game. Released in 2016, this game was truly phenomenal because in just 19 days since the release date no fewer than 50 million people had downloaded it. Each player is invited to interact directly with various types of Pokemon that can appear anywhere. Amazingly, Pokemon area is truly integrated with the real environment and to find them, GPS is absolutely needed.

How many game designers lose the “core of the game?”

Games are more than just a graphic display. They are also more than just cool icons. What designers often forget is that the games are depictions of human’s deepest desire for adventure. Humans need adventure, at least once in a lifetime and not everyone is able and brave to go through it. This is where gaming plays! The designers are too focused on how a game is made without trying to find new aspects related to how they can revolutionize the way people play through games. For example, many developers of adventure-themed games only focus on how they make each icon look amazing. They forget the storyline and how they can offer something new to the gaming fans.

The gambling world is the best example

The world of gambling is the best example of how gamblers (who are always faced with a big risk of losing their money) can always be drawn into various games and offers. Online casino developers routinely think and think here means they invest a lot of time and money into “areas where they can attract more gamblers into their site”. New casinos no deposit is a sentence that describes that the initial deposit is no longer an interesting thing in the online gambling world and how everyone has the opportunity to win a lot of money without an initial deposit.

Whatever type of game that will be designed, unique elements can’t be ruled out. We may find it difficult to repeat the success of Pokemon GO but adapting how it was created will bring us closer to success. The fact that it combines GPS with Pokemon characters is a breakthrough in how interactions between players with game characters are made as real as possible.